Bellator 137: Halsey vs Grove

Friday, May 15, 2015

Temecula, CA

Pechanga Resort and Casino

Main Card on Spike TV

Darrion Caldwell (6-0) @thewolf_mma vs Rafael Silva (22-4)

Round 1: Caldwell comes out throwing a few leg kicks and starts to use his jab to find the distance. Silva attempts at a take down that Caldwell is able to sprawl and defend. Caldwell attempts to get back up and Silva almost is able to get in a heel hook, but Caldwell is able to get out and reverse back to top position. Caldwell is able to posture up and move into side control as he continues to work through the guard of Silva. Silva gets in a heel hook, but Caldwell is able to reverse out of it again as he moves back into side control and lands an elbow.

Round 1: Darrion Caldwell

Round 2: Silva lands a hard leg kick to the inner right leg of Caldwell that stung. Silva blocks a high leg kick and then hits another leg kick to the inner thigh of the Caldwell’s right leg. Silva is able to get a standing guillotine on Caldwell from the standing position and both fighters to down to the ground. Once again Caldwell is able to reverse and get out of the hold to obtain the top position. Caldwell is able to land some short elbows. Caldwell tries to move position and Silva catches him in another heel hook attempt, but Silva let’s go and gets top position. Silva lands some position from side control.

Round 2: Rafael Silva

Round 3: Silva comes out and taunts Caldwell to exchange with him. Caldwell lands a leg kick, but Silva comes back with a leg kick of his own that lands again on the right inner thigh of Caldwell. Caldwell scores with a judo toss take down into side control, Silva is able to push Caldwell back into his guard. Caldwell gets Silva’s back, but Silva rolls and lets Caldwell back into his guard. Ref Beltran stands both fighters back up. Caldwell scores with a take down using a leg sweep. Both fighters are up.

Round 3: Darrion Caldwell

Winner: Darrion Caldwell ( via Unanimous Decision 29-28 All Judges)

“I don’t think there are any fighters out there as explosive as me at 135 pounds, or as fast,” Caldwell said. “Eventually, I’ll be able to prove that.”

Fernando Gonzalez (23-13) @menifeemaniac44 vs Curtis Millender (7-1)

Round 1: Both fighters come out throwing just as expected. Gonzalez hits Millender with a left hook . Millender lands a sold body kick to Gonzalez and connected with a right cross that looks to have caused a mouse to develop under the left eye of Gonzalez. Gonzalez lands an over hand right and then a left hook. Millender lands a left hook that was partially blocked by Gonzalez. Gonzalez is able to take Millender’s back and slams him to the mat as he landed some hammer fists.

Round 1: Fernando Gonzalez

Round 2: Millender trying to use the front kick to the knee to keep Gonzalez at bay. Millender finding a place for his jab this round, but Gonzalez is landing his left at a steady clip. Gonzalez hits a body combo and just misses the right cross. Millender defends Gonzalez’s take down and is able to get in side control where is postures up which allows Gonzalez to get back to his feet as he ate a right from Millender.

Round 2: Curtis Millender

Round 3: Millender lands a hard front kick to the knee of Gonzalez that buckled him a little. Gonzalez knocks down Millender with a leg kick and jumps on him and locks in a guillotine choke that Millender couldn’t get out of.

Winner: Fernando Gonzalez (via submission guillotine 3rd RD 1:14)

“I’m 4-0 right now,” Gonzalez said after the win. “That’s one step closer to the title, and I’m excited to get in there and mix it up with whoever is next.”

Eduardo”Dudu”Dantas (16-4) @DuduDantasMMA vs Mike Richman (18-5) @MikeUSMCRichman

Round 1: Dantas comes out running full tilt to Richman lands a right kick to the body and shoots for the take down attempt, that Richman was able to defend. Both fighters clinch against the cage. Dantas with a shot elbow shot from inside the clinch and scores the take down. Dantas postures up and lands a right short elbow. Richman is able to get back to his feet. Dantas catches a kick from Richman and is able to leg sweep him down to the ground. Both fighters back to their feet. Richman lands a leg kick to the inner thigh of the left leg of Dantas. Richman avoids another attempt at a takedown. Richman lunges in with a right upper cut towards the end of the round.

Round 1: Eduardo Dantas

Round 2: Dantas comes out and lands 2 solid leg kicks to Richman, then attempts at a shoot that is defended off by Richman. Richman again sprawls and does a nice job avoiding the take down attempts from Dantas. Richman is finding a home for his jab this round. Dantas again attempts another take down, that Richman is able to defend off. Richman almost catches Dantas in a guillotine choke, but Richman let’s go of it and back to the feet they come. Richman with a knee inside the clinch. Dantas hit a right to Richman and attempts a take down that once again is defended by Richman

Round 2: Mike Richman

Round 3: Richman comes out doubling up on his jab. Dantas is trying to slow Richman down with body kicks. Dantas nails a spinning back fist and scores a take down on Richman. Dantas wasn’t able to do much on the ground, Richman was able to make his way towards the cage and back to his feet. Richman lands a knee inside the clinch. Richman with 2 knees inside the clinch.

Round 3: Eduardo Dantas

Winner: Eduardo Dantas ( via unanimous decision 29-28 All Judges)

“I went out there and fought the way I trained to fight,” Dantas said after the win. “I knew Mike Richman was going to come with everything, but I wanted to win this fight and get back to the title. The only fight that makes sense next is for the title.

Brandon Halsey (8-0) @BrandBullHalsey vs Kendall Grove (21-14) @kendallgrovemma

Round 1: Halsey lands a hard leg kick that lands on the left shoulder of Grove and scores a take down. Halsey quickly moves into side control and locks in the arm triangle. Grove is able to get out and gives up his back to Halsey as he just rains down right hands and Grove rolls back to his back, which allows Halsey back into side control as he continues to lands rights and short elbows. Halsey looking for a heel hook or a leg lock, let’s go of it and again gets Grove’s back. Halsey connecting with hammer fists as he has Groves back. Grove lands an up kick and then lands a right cross.

Round 1: Brandon Halsey

Round 2: Grove hits a left hook and connects with a knee to the face of Halsey. Halsey attempts a take down and scores. Halsey postures up and just misses with a right hand. Halsey moves into side control and looking to pass Grove’s guard. Halsey is able to land some shots from the top position as he connects with a couple of rights and a short left elbow.

Round 2: Brandon Halsey

Round 3: Grove defends a take down attempt and Halsey works him to the cage, while he eats 2 elbows from Grove; Halsey is able to score the take down. Halsey just escapes out of a triangle choke attempt from Grove that allows Halsey to get his back. Halsey lands a couple of rights as Grove turns back into Halsey. Ref Beltran stands the fighters up and Halsey quickly shoots for another take down which he’s able to score again.

Round 3: Brandon Halsey

Round 4: Halsey stuns Grove with a right hand and then scores another take down. Halsey trying to end the fight with ground and pound, Grove trying to defend and almost scores an arm bar. Halsey slips out of the arm bar and just continues the punishment of Grove. Ref Beltran calls an end to the fight.

Winner: Brandon Halsey (via TKO ref stoppage 4th RD 2:45)

“I learned my lesson. I thank Bellator. I apologize to the commission. It’s unprofessional not to make weight. No excuses, but anybody knows that it’s hard to cut weight with an injury. The belt’s just a decoration, so I’m still the champ in my eyes. No one has taken the belt from me.”


Jesse Juarez (22-9) @JesseJuarezmma vs Ricky Rainey (10-3) @RickyRaineyMMA WINNER – Ricky Rainey 1:13 2nd RD via KO

Jordan Parsons (10-1) @PrettyBoyMMA_JP vs Julio Cesar Neves Jr. (30-0) WINNER – Jordan Parsons 4:09 3rd RD via Arm Triangle

Joe Taimanglo (20-6) @BabyJuggernaut vs Antonio Duarte (18-5) WINNER  Joe Taimanglo 1:00 3RD RD via KO

Virgil Zwicker (13-4) @virgilzwicker vs Razak Al-Hassan (12-4) @RazorRazak WINNER – Virgil Zwicker 3:51 1st RD via KO