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The DuCross Brothers have partnered with one of the fastest growing energy drinks, RAZE Energy from Repp Sports. This fantastic tasting energy with their unique flavors is here! As avid energy drinkers as my brother and I are, we have tried Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull and BANG Energy just to name a few. Flavor wise this is easily in the Top 2 spots and the fact that you don’t crash after it moves it to #1 on our list.


You need to check it out https://www.reppsports.com/products/raze-energy/

At checkout use discount code: ducross bros


The brothers got the chance to sit down with Repp Sports about this new energy drink to the community.


What separates your brand from Bang Energy?

  • Better taste (in our opinion)
  • Two sources of caffeine, one time released and one instantly active. This means immediate and sustained energy with no crash.
  • Less carbonation and no creatine. This means less burping and bloating
  • Addition of nootropics and hydration ingredients for clear focus

 How did you Repp Sports come up with RAZE Energy and the unique flavors?

  • We saw a gap in the marketplace of energy drinks. The basic ones did nothing for users who are used to high stimulants through pre-workout products or other sources, and the strong ones really only focused on a few ingredients while missing out on what we felt was needed to make a truly great drink. For us that was the re(FRESH) technology


  • (F)OCUS: Alpha GPC, Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine
  • A powerful nootropic blend featuring Alpha GPC delivers crystalline focus and mental clarity without the crash. Find your flow.
  • (R)ECOVERY:  L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine
  • Fortified with restorative branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), RAZE Energy supports physical and mental recovery.
  • (E)NERGY: Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine Citrate
  • Charged with time-released caffeine, RAZE Energy delivers an insane, no crash, burst of energy. Ever tangled with 3 bulls?
  • (S)TAMINA: Taurine, Betaine Anhydrous, Carnitine L-Tartrate 
  • Containing a mixture of revitalizing nutrients for body and mind, RAZE Energy unleashes your second, third, and fourth wind.
  • (H)YDRATION: Potassium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium
  • Packed with replenishing electrolytes for rapid hydration, RAZE Energy is the most refreshing energy drink on the planet. The greater aid.


– At REPP Sports we have always taken flavors very seriously, our R&D far stricter than most supplement companies, and we do this all-in house. Building off some of the best flavors from our previous products helped give a great starting point for the first flavors to tackle. We now get hundreds of suggestions from customers on new flavors to release, we catalog all of these and begin to research the top requests to see if we can product a flavor that meets the high bar we have already set for ourselves. For every flavor we release there are at least 50 iterations of that flavor we test over and over to get to our final release.



 How did Repp Sports RAZE Energy come about?

  • Blended into the answer above


 How do you feel about partnering with a combat sports media website?

  • We are beyond excited! REPP has always had a strong presence in the fitness space and combat sports is really that functional fitness taken to it’s most intense core. We can’t imagine a better drink to serve this market or that aligns with a combat athlete’s needs as much as RAZE Energy.

 Is this a market that you have thought about tapping into?

  • yes


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