Weidman vs. Mousasi: Promotional Analysis

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Losing Streak versus Win Streak

This is a crossroads fight between a former champion on the slide and a surging contender on a relentless ascent to the top. Chris Weidman, the former champ, has lost two straight and another loss here may trigger a move to a new division. Gegard Mousasi, the surging contender, has won four straight and a win over Weidman may unlock that long-awaited title shot.

Return of the King / #1 Contender

The promotion behind this fight must sell Weidman as a fallen King, on a mission to reclaim what was once his. This journey to recapture the belt is one of the most compelling storyline tropes in MMA. From glory to oblivion and then back again. Weidman’s career straddles a thin line between those two realities and it is this heightened jeopardy that will compel fans to watch.

For Mousasi, a loss will be less devastating but not by much. His climb towards title contention has been long and arduous. Since making his UFC debut, the Mousasi has been an internet darling and a dark horse of the division. Tough losses to Machida and Jacare stalled his early rise and a surprise loss to Uriah Hall seemed to kill his title aspirations for good. But since that loss, Sassy Mousasi has rattled off four straight wins- most recently avenging his loss to Hall. Also, on top of his win streak, the big Dutchman has become outspoken on the mic. Mousasi’s gimmick has always been his sleepy nonchalance but now that has been infused with an irritable ire and blunt honesty. This new, outspoken, moody Mousasi has been embraced by the fan base and his star power has soared. A win over Weidman will launch him into a new stratosphere.


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Although it should be used as a small pinch of salt, Nationalism is a trope that should be lightly alluded to in the build up to this fight. Mousasi is a proud Dutchman who will be representing his home nation at UFC 210 and Weidman has chosen to craft his entire gimmick around US patriotism. This is not a story of feuding nations though and there will be no bad blood based on this trope.  Interesting to note is the rise of the European champions. Europe now has four UFC champions and Mousasi is the continent’s greatest hope of keeping the middleweight strap post-Bisping.

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