Wanderlei Silva – Breaking News – This is Not a Goodbye – Isso não é um Adeus.

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Today, The Sports Warriors are gonna make a post about Wanderlei Silva‘s video. It is important that people see a different side of MMA and the life they live. I remember seeing Renan “The Baron” Barao fail to make weight and pass out. Weight cutting is not something to be taken lightly, but fighters put on the best performance they can for the fans. Amateur athletes fight for the fans not for the money. So, what does that mean for the current list of PRO Fighters that get paid to fight in the big show? What does that make those athletes? The way we see it is that we still have MMA organizations that believe that they can dictate on how to use fighters and when to use them. When push comes to shove and you compare the two, by dictating on when and how to use the fighters they are just an upper scale version of amateur fighters. Wanderlei said it best, that the only thing these athletes have is ” YOU “ i.e the fans. We have had talks before about the respect of athletes in other sports such as college football, it is time to let the voice be heard. However, to what extent do we let these voices be heard because at the end of the day do we really have freedom of speech?….

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