UPC Unlimited Presents: Fighter’s Source National Finals

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UPC Unlimited Presents: Fighter’s Source National Finals

Harrah’s Resort Southern California

January 9, 2016


Main Card: National Finals

Zack Haddad                                   vs                                Justin Vazquez (4-1)

Round 1: Vazquez comes out the aggressor with landing leg kicks to Haddad. Both fighters exchange a flurry in the center of the cage. Vazquez staggers Haddad back towards the cage and Haddad comes back firing. Landing the knock down on Vazquez. Both fighters back to their feet. Vazquez is controlling the cage on the far side. Vazquez with a solid uppercut.

Round 1: Vazquez

Round 2: Haddad comes out trying to close the distance on Vazquez. Vazquez scores the take down and landing some ground & pound. Haddad is able to get back to his feet and push Vazquez to the back to the cage. Vazquez is able to get the positioning and the fight to the mat where he slips over the top to Haddad’s back as he locks in the body triangle. Vazquez works for a rear naked choke, but Haddad is able to defend it off. Vazquez doesn’t let go of the body triangle as he flattens out Haddad and drops some ground & pound.

Round 2: Vazquez

Round 3: Vazquez missed on a spinning back kick, but is able to gain position as he pushes Haddad up against the cage. Vazquez catches the right leg from Haddad and lands a straight left as he puts Haddad on the mat. Both fighters get back to their feet.

Round 3: Vazquez

Winner: Justin Vazquez (via Unanimous decision 30-26 all judges)

Justin Vazquez to Rep Team USA in Brazil



Mike Morgan (6-1)                                                vs                     Edwin Rivera (4-1)

Tuscaloosa Thunder                                                                           NYC Demolition

State Rank #2                                                                                      State Rank #3


Round 1: Morgan comes out swinging. Edwin wants to take this straight to the ground. Morgan stops the first attempt lands a couple punches and than lands a gnarly body kick but, Edwin still wants the take down and gets it with a slam. Edwin on top of Morgan’s back hitting with up and under punches to the crowds liking. Edwin flattens out Morgan, Morgan in a vulnerable position and can’t seem to shake off Edwin, Edwin reigning down punches from the back position and they will call a stop to this fight in the first round.

Winner: Edwin Rivera (via TKO due to strikes in the 1st Rd)

Edwin Rivera to Rep Team USA in Brazil


Bobby Ledkins (13-1)                                vs                                Patrick Mix (9-0)

Tuscaloosa Thunder                                                                           Syracuse Gladius

State Rank #1                                                                                       State Rank #1

Round 1: Ledkins comes out right away and hits a leg kick. Mix is able to score the take down quickly on Ledkins and is in Ledkins guard. However Mix is able to land some solid strikes through the guard. Ledkins is able to use the butterfly guard and flip over Mix into top control. Mix is able to switch and change position and regain the top control. Mix is able to move into side control and gains position as he’s able to lock in the guillotine.

Winner: Patrick Mix (via guillotine 1st rd) And New ISKA National Bantamweight Champ

New Fighters Source Finalist. Will Rep Team USA in Brazil



Nick Lancaster (5-0)                                  vs                                Ahmed White (1-0)

Denver Vipers                                                                                        San Jose Smash

State Rank #3                                                                                       State Rank #5


Round 1: White comes out as the aggressor of the two fighters. White scores the early take down and lands some ground & pound. He moves to his back and pulls Lancaster into a triangle choke. He pulls down the head of Lancaster and scores the submission win.

Winner: Ahmed White (via 1st rd submission triangle choke 1:48)

Ahmed White advances to Rep Team USA in Brazil


Elizabeth Vanerhorst                           vs                               Amanda Jones (4-2)

Syracuse Gladius                                                                            San Diego Valor

State Rank #5                                                                                 State Rank #4


Round 1: Jones comes out landing counter strike after counter strike on Vanderhorst with rights and lefts. Vanderhorst is able to grab a hold of Jones and push her against the cage. Vanderhorst is landing solid strikes inside the clinch. Jones is able to score the take down on Vanderhorst. Jones lands a couple lefts to the body of Vanderhorst in the top position. Ref stands up both fighters. Jones and Vanderhorst grapple, only for Jones to toss Vanderhorst like a wrestling hip toss to end the round.

Round 1: Jones

Round 2: Vanderhorst comes out and pulls guard. Jones doesn’t go after it and waits for Vanderhorst to get back up, then scores another take down. Jones moves into side control and lands a couple of hammer fists. Jones is able to get a little separation from Vanderhorst and lands ground & pound. Both fighters back up and Jones lands a nice right elbow. Puts Vanderhorst back on the mat and more ground & pound.

Round 2: Jones

Winner: Amanda Jones (via ref stoppage TKO 2nd rd.)

Amanda Jones joins Team USA to fight in Brazil


Justin Gonzales (7-0)                                 vs                               Ronny Tsutsui (9-0)

Denver Vipers                                                                                       San Jose Smash

State Rank #1                                                                                        State Rank #2


Round 1: Fighters touch gloves. Tsutsui attempts at a take down, however Gonzales is able to sprawl to avoid the take down. Tsutsui hasn’t let go of the take down attempt as he moves Gonzales towards the cage. Both fighters are back to the center. Tsutsui able to able to successfully get the clinch again and gets Gonzales back as he pushes him to the cage. Gonzales is able to defend him off and trade a couple of strikes off the cage. Gonzales came off the cage and lands a solid right leg head kick that sends Tsutsui to the mat as Gonzales follows up with vicious ground & pound as the ref calls a stop to the fight.


Winner: Justin Gonzales (via KO due to strikes in the 1st rd 2:40) and New ISKA Lightweight National Title

Justin Gonzales joins Team USA as he heads to Brazil


Brooks Conley                                             vs                               Alexander Lopez (12-3)

Tuscaloosa Thunder                                                                         San Diego Valor

State Rank #1                                                                                     State Rank #1


Round 1: Lopez connects with a counter left and Conley pushes in. Conley attempts a take down, but Lopez does a good job at stuffing the head of Conley against the cage. Conley attempts at a big slam only for Lopez to stop the take down. Lopez scores a takedown of his own and is able to land some ground & pound, Conley gives up his back which allows Lopez to continue to punish as he KO’s Conley.

Winner: Alexander Lopez (via KO due to Strikes 1st rd 1:35) and NEW ISKA Welterweight National Title

Alexander Lopez joins Team USA heading Brazil


Preliminary Fights (before CBSSports televised portion)

Frank Fray Defeats Matthew Lupinacci: via rear naked choke 1:14 2nd rd

Carl Rollins Defeats Sonny Ashton: via rear naked choke :33 secs 1st rd

James Mason Defeats Danny Peoples: via guillotine choke :31 secs 2nd rd

Roland Dunlap Defeats Brian Ivers: via guillotine choke 1:45 1st rd

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