UPC Unlimited (Camo – MMA Amateur) PBP Results

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UPC Unlimited (Camo – MMA Amateur)

At Harrah’s Resort Southern California

August 19, 2016


Muay Thai Fight (Light Heavyweight) Clyde Hagen vs Allwin Kelly

Round 1: Kelly comes out as the more aggressive of the two fighters. Kelly lands a hard right that staggers Hagen back towards the cage, the ref starts a standing count. Hagen is able to answer. Kelly comes back with another straight left that sent Hagen crashing to the mat.

Winner: Allwin Kelly (via TKO due to strikes 1st rd 1:58)


MMA Fight (Lightweight) Benjamin Smith (Compound MMA) vs Joey Bryant – Sowka (Swiftkick MMA)

Round 1: Sowka comes out with a hard left body kick and Smith returns fire with a kick of his own. Sowka is able to get cage control on Smith and work for the take down. Smith doing his best to defend from his back keeping Sowka in his guard. Smith is able to get an arm bar attempt, however Sowka is able to avoid and regain top control. Smith is able to reverse and end the round on top.

Round 1: Benjamin Smith

Round 2: Sowka drops Smith with a right uppercut and attempt to follow up. Smith is able to scramble back to his feet and then another reversal from Smith as he scores a takedown on Sowka. Sowka from his back works for the arm triangle and is able to lock it in.

Winner: Joey Bryant – Sowka (via submission Arm Triangle 2nd rd)

(Lightweight) Gerardo Abanza (Escondido Fight Club) vs Tamahau MC COMB (Arena MMA)

Round 1: MC COMB is able to score the first take down. Abanza is able to get back to his feet about avoid the guillotine attempt by MC COMB and gets to the top position. MC COMB is able to reverse it and get top position into full mount, starts to hit some vicious ground and pound. Abanza gives up his back and MC COMB flattens him out as he lands a solid right and left shots to the head of Abanza. MC COMB catches Abanza in an arm bar as the round ends.

Round 1: Tamahau MC COMB

Round 2: MC COMB avoids a right and shoots for the take down, which he scores. MC COMB attempts to posture up and doing so Abanza is able to catch him in a standing guillotine attempt and pulls MC COMB down to the mat. MC COMB is able to power out of the guillotine attempt and move into full mount. MC COMB not doing much from this position except for hand fighting towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Tamahau MC COMB

Round 3: MC COMB with another take down and moves into side control. MC COMB floats over into full mount and pushing down his weight on Abanza. Abanza gives up his back, however he quickly goes back to his back. MC COMB maintains full mount.

Round 3: Tamahau MC COMB

Winner: Tamahau MC COMB (via unanimous decision)

(Lightweight) Dillon Bartram (Compound MMA) vs Dennis Fisher

Round 1:  Bartram came out to establish his jab and set the tone but the speed from fisher was too much, fisher was able to get the distance. Fisher connected with a lopping left hand that sent Bartram to the mat. Fisher looked at the downed Bartram, then literally took off and ran to the other side of the cage.

Round 2: Fisher speared Bartram into the cage, sprung off body slammed him to the ground …got up and ran to the other side of the cage.  They stand up again and Fisher throws a body kick to the stomach liver area that paralyzed Bartram where everyone just kind of stopped…then fisher threw a couple haymakers that knocked down Bartram and this will end via KO

Winner: Fisher (via TKO due to strikes 2nd rd)

(Middleweight) Joshua Bird (Fight Syndicate) vs Alex Thompson (Team Quest)

Round 1: Thompson scores the first take down of the event and moves into full mount. Thompson connects with heavy hands on ground and pound. Bird gives up his back for a second only to reverse to the top position. Bird is able to lock in a guillotine towards the end of the round.

Round 1: Bird

Round 2: Both fighters exchange in the center as Bird lands a left and Thompson connects with a solid right hand. Bird shoots for a takedown; however, Thompson is able to land on top with the take down attempt as he postures up and connects with a right. Bird is back to his feet and lands another solid right hand.

Round 2: Thompson

Round 3: Bird comes out throwing early, Thompson is able to avoid and land another solid right hand that stuns Bird. Thompson is able to score another take down and move into full mount, then into side control as Bird gives up his back to Thompson. Bird then is able to reverse; however, Thompson maintains top position as he lands more strikes from the top position and the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Alex Thompson (via TKO due to strikes 1:03)


(Bantamweight) Frank Fray (Fight Syndicate) vs Rafael Guzman (Arena MMA)

Round 1: Guzman comes out and gets a brief take down; however, Fray is able to get back to his feet quickly. Fray lands a right hand that sent Guzman down to the mat as he’s able to get into top position. Guzman gives up his back to Fray as he lands left and a right.

Round 1: Frank Fray

Round 2: Fray lands a right hand. Guzman pushes forward as he pushes Fray to the cage and lands a solid right leg kick. Guzman grabs Fray in a guillotine and pulls guard only for Fray to pull out of it. Fray finishes the round in position of a guillotine of his own.

Round 2: Guzman

Round 3: Both fighters continue to trade in the center this round. Fray is able to get the best of the striking this round. At the end both fighters towards the end of the round unload.

Round 3: Fray

Winner: Frank Fray (via unanimous decision)


(Middleweight) Devin Goodale (Alliance MMA) vs Joel Lott (Team Quest)

Round 1: Goodale lands a solid right leg kick to the lead leg of Lott. Goodale is able to control the cage position and striking from inside the clinch. Lott backs off the cage and lands a left. Lott gets the back of Goodale as he pushes him towards the cage. Goodale reverses off the cage and lands a right that staggers Lott back as Goodale continues to push forward landing right and left combo. Goodale lands a right that sends Lott to the mat and then jumps his back into side control as he lands a couple rights as the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Devin Goodale (via KO due to strikes 1st rd)


 (Lightweight) Baron Lloyd (Icon MMA/Flow/10Planet) vs Christian Leon (Arena MMA)

Round 1: Lloyd lands a leg kick and Leon counters with a right. Lloyd sends Leon down with right hand placed on the chin. Lloyd moves into full mount; however, Leon is able to get Lloyd back into his guard. Lloyd working hard for the kimura attempt from his back. Leon is able to get out and back up to his feet. Lloyd lands a left.

Round 1: Lloyd

Round 2: Lloyd and Leon touch gloves. Leon throws a left as Lloyd clinches and lands a knee to the chest of Leon. Lloyd lands a solid body kick to the right ribs of Leon. Both fighters exchange a flurry of strikes, Lloyd is able to get cage control. Leon lands a right that sent Lloyd to the mat and lands a few good strikes. Leon lands a strong right hand to the body of Lloyd that sent him down to the mat towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Leon

Round 3: Leon lands a strong right leg kick to the left leg of Lloyd. Leon comes out the aggressor of the 2 fighters this round as he stuns Lloyd with a left and follows up with an upper cut. Leon unloads with strikes as the ref steps in to end the fight.

Winner: Christian Leon (via TKO due to strikes 3rd rd)


170 title (Welterweight) Spike Carlyle (ISD) vs Marcus Walston (UFC Mission Valley)

Round 1: Carlyle lands a hard left body kick to the body of Walston. Walston throws a body kick that is caught by Carlyle as he gets the take down and grabs the head of Walston in a guillotine. Carlyle stands back up with the guillotine and Walston slams Carlyle down to the mat. Carlyle is able to get the top position as he’s landing solid strikes. Carlyle making an attempt with an arm bar, but Walston is able to power out of it. Carlyle maintains control.

Round 1: Carlyle

Round 2: Walston attempts at a spinning back kick and Carlyle is able to avoid it as he lands a right. Both fighters clinch to the near side of the cage. Walston attempts to roll away and goes right into a guillotine attempt. Walston is able to get the better position as he’s on top. Carlyle attempts an arm bar attempt again. Walston is able to get out of the arm bar attempt and get back to his feet, only for Carlyle to get the take down yet again.

Round 2: Carlyle

Round 3: Carlyle comes out with a jumping left and follows up with a right. Carlyle comes out throwing bombs that are landing. Walston lands a left body kick. Carlyle throws a kick to the left leg on the outside and then to the inside of the same leg. Walston gives up his back to Carlyle as he locks in the rear naked choke. Ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Spike Carlyle (via submission rear naked choke 3rd rd 2:31) *Camo State Champion Welterweight*


135 title (Featherweight) Joshua Kim (ISD) vs Joseph Viola (Robot Fight & Fitness)

Round 1: Kim lands a good lead leg kick. Viola catches a leg kick from Kim and pushes him to the near side of the cage. Kim defending well off the cage, Viola scores with a toss; however, Kim is able to scramble back up to his feet back up against the cage. Viola continues to control the cage position. Viola attempts at a takedown that is stopped by Kim as he lands a couple hammer fists. Kim lands a solid knee to the chest of Viola.

Round 1: Kim

Round 2: Kim comes out trying to establish his jab. Viola and Kim both exchange as Kim gets the better of the exchanges. Kim takes the left leg out from under Viola with a right kick. Kim with another kick to the left leg of Viola right behind the knee. Viola shoots for a takedown, Kim sprawls as he defends the takedown. Kim lands back to back jabs.

Round 2: Kim

Round 3: Kim lands a left hook. Viola keeps trying to come forward and eats a right. Kim clinches as he lands a knee and follows it up with a right. Kim lands a right and left. Viola shoots for a takedown, gets Kim down briefly as Kim is about to sprawl out of it and back to his feet. Kim a right hand that stuns Viola, Viola staggers forward as Kim lands another right. Kim then side steps Viola and connects with an uppercut followed with a left jab and a right hook that sends Viola to the mat.

Winner: Josh Kim (via TKO due to strikes 3rd rd 2:43) *Camo State Champion Featherweight*

155 title (Lightweight) Joseph Williams (Excel Jiu Jitsu) vs Malik Abdulmumin (Apex MMA)

Round 1: Williams lands a hard over hand right and shoots for the take down. Abdulmumin grabs a high guillotine attempt, Williams holds him up and then slams him to the mat. Williams working to pass the guard of Abdulmumin and pulls his head up as he lands a straight right. William secures the guillotine and Abdulmumin is able to avoid the guillotine attempt. Williams with a right hand straight down. Williams postures up and drops 2 bombs. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: Joseph Williams (via KO due to strikes 1st rd) *And Still Camo State Lightweight Champion*


145 title (Bantamweight) Jonathan Kim (ISD) vs Trevor Wells (Team Quest)

Round 1: Wells scores the early take down. Kim with an up kick to Wells, however Wells is still able to keep position. Wells postures up and Kim is able to keep him at bay. Wells lunges in toward Kim as he catches him with an arm bar.

Winner: Jonathan Kim (via submission guillotine 1st rd) *New Camo State Champion Bantamweight*

205 title (Light Heavyweight) Angel Ramirez (Alliance East) vs Roland Dunlap (Fight Strong)

Round 1: Ramirez takes a right kick to the body from Dunlap and lands a straight right. Dunlap lands a right and both fighters clinch. Dunlap gets the early take down, Ramirez is able to scramble back to his feet. Dunlap with a solid kick to the body. Dunlap lands back to back leg kicks to the lead leg of Ramirez. Dunlap lands a jab. Dunlap with a knee inside the clinch. Dunlap lands a solid right straight down the pipe that staggers Ramirez towards the end of the round as Dunlap follows up a back fist then more lefts followed by rights as the round ends.

Round 1: Dunlap

Round 2: Dunlap starts off right where he left up with a nice right and left combo. Dunlap had a darce choke attempt, Ramirez is able to get out of it. Dunlap gets up and suplex Ramirez to the mat. Ramirez gets back up and Dunlap suplex Ramirez one more time. Dunlap is able to get the back of Ramirez this time as he’s able to secure the rear naked choke.

Winner: Roland Dunlap (via submission rear naked choke 2nd rd) *New Camo State Champion Light Heavyweight*

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