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TFE (Tru Form Entertainment): Baptism Under Fire

August 22, 2015

4 points Sheraton San Diego, CA


Amateur Bouts

Juilan Baez vs Teva Paulet

Round 1:  Paulet, comes out as the aggressor with leg kicks to the lead leg of Baez. Baez scores a take down. Baez did some from the top positions with ground and pound.

Round 1: Juilan Baez

Round 2:  Baez comes out and was able to get an early take down on Paulet, Paulet was able to reverse the attempt. While Paulet was trying to reverse the take down he ends up in the guard of Baez who’s able to secure a triangle choke.

Winner: Juilan Baez (1:01 2nd rd via Triangle Choke)



David Gonzales vs Christian Leon

Round 1:  Gonzales comes out on the attack right away as both fighters exchange in the center with early strikes. Leon was able to avoid the 1st attempted take down, however Gonzales was able to secure the 2nd attempted take down. Gonzales is able to score Leon’s back and nearly ends it with a rear naked choke.

Round 1: David Gonzales

Round 2:  Gonzales scores a take down and moves into side control. Leon gives up his back and Gonzales was working for another attempt at a rear naked choke. Leon is able to scramble out and back to his feet. Leon lands a hard right body kick that hurts Gonzales.

Round 2: Christian Leon

Round 3:  Gonzales again this round was able to score this early take down, however Leon rolls right through it and back to his feet. Leon lands a superman punch. Gonzales scores with another take down, Leon again scrambles back to his feet. Leon hurts Gonzales with a high head kick that staggers Gonzales, Leon follows up as Gonzales is against the near side of the cage and un loads combination of rights and lefts towards the end of the round.

Round 3: Christian Leon

Winner: Christian Leon (29 – 27, 29 – 27, 28 – 28 via Majority Decision)


Gerardo Abanza vs Raihere Dudes

Round 1:  Both fighters clinch and Abanza is connecting with dirty boxing from inside the clinch. Dudes lands a solid two knees to the chest of Abanza. Abanza continues to push forward and exchange with Dudes.

Round 1: DRAW

Round 2:  Dudes lands a solid push kick to the chest of Abanza as we start the 2nd round. Abanza with a take down. Dudes was able to reverse the attempt as both fighters get back to their feet. Dudes eats a solid right from Abanza, Dudes is able to walk through it and secure a clinch and end the round with a big suplex.

Round 2: Raihere Dudes

Round 3:  Both fighters come out exchanging in the middle as Abanza is able connect in the exchanges as Dudes was pushed back towards the cage, however Dudes reverses off the cage and lands yet another knee to the chest of Abanza.

Round 3: Raihere Dudes

Winner: Raihere Dudes (30 – 27 All Judges via Unanimous Decision)


Sean Crenshaw vs Donte Stubbs

Round 1:  Stubbs lands a front kick that Crenshaw was able to catch and push Stubbs back to the cage. Stubbs then attempts a standing choke, Crenshaw is able to still score the take down towards the end of the round.

Round 1: Sean Crenshaw

Round 2:  Crenshaw gets a take down on Stubbs (Stubbs clearly showing frustration at this point with the take downs). Stubbs hits 2 up kicks as 1 of then does connect a little bit; however Crenshaw is able to control Stubbs on the ground. Stubbs is able to reverse at get back to his feet, but before doing so he landed a legit back of the head shot to Crenshaw that brings the round to a stop and a warning from Big John McCarthy.

Round 2: Sean Crenshaw

Round 3:  Both men this round come out swinging for the fences. Stubbs goes for a take down, but Crenshaw is able to push Stubbs head down and gains the control of Stubbs back. Crenshaw gets both hooks in and finished the round with some ground and pound.

Round 3: Sean Crenshaw

Winner: Sean Crenshaw (via unanimous decision)


Carter Barnett vs Tyler Meade

Round 1:  Meade walks out with his hands down and right away gets tagged with a right from Barnett which sends Meade to the mat. After some positioning Meade is able to move into position as he secures an arm bar on Barnett towards the end of the round as Barnett tries to power out of it with a slam, but Meade is able to hold on towards the end of the round. Barnett controlled most of the round.

Round 1: Carter Barnett

Round 2:  Meade comes out and is quickly able to get a d’arce choke in from the standing position. Meade holding on for at least 15 secs, before he lets go of the choke attempt and lands a right. Then he scores a takedown where he locks in the d’arce choke again, but rolls into an anaconda choke and Barnett taps.

Winner: Tyler Meade (1:10 in 2nd rd via submission anaconda choke)


Devin Goodale vs Tamahau MC COMB

Round 1:  Goodale comes out with a couple jabs, but MC COMB is able to get a takedown; however Goodale is able to back to standing position as both fighters clinch. Goodale shoots for a takedown attempt and is able to get it after MC COMB defended it as long as he could. Round ended with Goodale in control.

Round 1: Devin Goodale

Round 2:  MC COMB gets a takedown early on Goodale, who doesn’t seem to have an answer for the takedowns of MC COMB. MC COMB attempts to move positions on Goodale and in the process gives up his back to Goodale. Both fighters scramble back to their feet and Goodale is able to push MC COMB to the cage as he lands some rights and lefts.

Round 2: Devin Goodale

Round 3:  Devin Goodale takes McComb to muay tahi camp with knees from the clinch up against the cage then to the center of the ring. Devin takes McComb down, does some ground and pound to finish the fight off strong

Winner: Devin Goodale (Via Decision)


Joseph Williams vs Ritchie Rodarte

Round 1: Joseph Williams comes in aggressive, gets an early take down and immediately goes for a kimura but, isn’t quite able to get it in. Williams picked up Rodarte like a paper weight runs from one side of the cage to the other (thought Williams might run out of the cage with rodarte in hand) but the cage gives and both men go to the ground.  End of Round 1

Round 1: Joseph Williams

Round 2:  Williams comes out shoots in a gets a darce choke, 2 mins in this fight is over as Ritchie Rodarte taps out to a darce choke.

Winner: Joseph Williams (Via Darce Choke at 2:00)


Tru Form Entertainment Pro Card


Andre Santos vs Andrew Ramm

Round 1: Both fighters in the first round just feeling each other out. Santos lands a soild kick to the thigh of ram, then Santos starts to engage with an uppercut that he quickly follows up with a nice combination that rocks , staggers Ramm because to the cage. Ramm turns a double under hook on Santos applies pressure to regain his balance. Ramm landing some rabbit punches in the grind. Jason Herzog (Ref) has enough of inactivity and stands the men up. Ramm hits a body kick but Santos returns fire with a flurry to end the round. Just stole the round.

Round 1: Santos

Round 2:  Ramm sand Santos have a wild exchange to start off round 2. Ramm wants to control this fight so he pushes Santos towards the cage ( Ramm’s corner we are stalking him, not chasing him) Ramm not contines to work in the clinch to get position, lands a blow to the nose breaking Santos nose. Santos wants this standing doesn’t care about his nose, Santos unloads with a left hook, moves in for the kill Ramm rolls away but santos applies pressure at the end of the round.

Round 2: Andre Santos

Round 3: Ramm opens with leg kicks to santo’s thigh. This round Ramm is relying heavy on his leg kicks which is different from the first two rounds. While Santos continues to push the fight with some heavy punches to the body. Santos lands a left to Ramm’s nose that now breaks his, Santos continues to pepper off lefts that is causing Ramm to spin around, turning his back to Santos multiple times as he spins around after one of those he eats a knee square to the face that cause more swelling on the face.

Round 3: Andre Santos

Round 4: Ramm subjecting himself to the left hook with Ramm’s hands are down. Fatigue clearly setting in for Ramm as he takes a body/head combination. Santos lands a leg kick then one to the body. Ramm getting sloppy in this round as his technique is spotty. Both men get up to a standing position after Ramm gets a takedown with an exchange in the middle. Ramm pulls guard and trys to get in a arm bar at the end.

Round 4: Andrew Ramm

Round 5: Santos comes out and lands a big left to Ramm. Ramm continues to show how tired he is, throws a sloppy spinning elbow that is nowhere near Santos. Ramm continues to spin around after taking lefts from Santos. Ramm does end up landing a right left knee combination to Santos but its countered by a superman punch from out of know where. 10 second tap has both fighters swinging for the fence to bring the audience to its feet.

Round 5: Andrew Ramm

Winner: Andre Santos (Via Decision #AndNew 170LB TFE CHAMP)


Casey Ryan vs Lucas Rota

Round 1: Ryan comes out using his kicks early, establishing them lands one to the body. Uses a left kick to the body instead of setting up his jab. Rota uses a right to Ryan that staggers him to the cage, an exchange against the cage, Ryan pulls guard doesn’t last long as both men are quickly back to their feet. Rota lands a left, Ryan returns fire with a left to the body, right to the head. Fast Round.

Round 1: Casey Ryan

Round 2: Ryan lands a head kick after his corner encourages him to use his range. Casey Ryan to establish his range, use his length. Casey Ryan lands another body kick, Rota has had enough lands a left that buckles Ryan. Rota in top position while Casey Ryan uses a rubber guard to stop Rota from passing and doing any real damage. Both fighters back to their feet, Rota lands a stiff left jab, Ryan immediately shoots for a takedown doesn’t get it , pulls guard only this time Rota is able to land 2 vicious elbows that splits the head of Ryan.

Round 2:  Luca Rota

Round 3: Lucas Rota lands a high right head kick that hits Ryan square on the chin that drops Ryan. Ryan uses the rubber guard nothing happening on the ground both men sand up. Rota connects with a right hand to the body and Ryan comes back with a left kick to the body that Rota feels. Rota continues to push the fight to till the end.  The bell rings but, there seems to be some communication going on inside the cage, as Big John McCarthy waves off the fight. Casey Ryan’s corner calls the fight.

Winner: Lucas Rota (Via Corner Stoppage TKO)


Sean Loeffler vs John Tarr

Round 1: Sean Loeffler jumps on John Tarr throws, Tarr back first into the cage like a ragdoll. Tarr covers up, Loeffler looking to end this fight quickly. Tarr gives up his back to Loeffler as he throwing bombs on Tarr, sees a leg grabs it and flips over into a knee bar. Tarr taps out quickly.

Sean Loeffler putting to his knee, like he called his shot like Babe Ruth!

Sean Loeffler gets on the mic and says one more fight then UFC RETURN!

Winner: Sean Loeffler (Via Submission: Knee Bar)





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