The Notorious Conor McGregor: Documentary

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Just a little tid bit about The Notorious- Conor McGregor . We have chosen to put this up on our website because it gives people a different side of the Notorious One.  Last year this man was on Welfare in Dublin Ireland, living paycheck to paycheck trying to improve is life and MMA was his choice even though none of the McGregor family were or had fighters in his family. The McGregors family history was that of the outsiders being pushed to the outside of Dublin.

McGregor believes that trash talking is a form of entertainment because MMA is part sport / part entertainment. He means no disrespect when trash talking it is just that where he has come from it seems to be about him that he can’t just sit back. He has to make it known that he is going to push forward.

Anyone who doesn’t understand Conor needs to take a minute to understand the man behind the Suit!

Check out the video of the Documentary