The Sports Warriors sat down with the President of League Operations of Tru Form Entertainment Josh Griggs to discuss the promotions debut coming up August 22nd in San Diego, CA at 4 point Sheraton.

The Sports Warriors: Welcome to The Sports Warriors Josh Griggs. Last time we spoke you were with Elite Amatuer Fight League, what happened with them?

Josh Griggs: Thanks for having me guys, Elite Amateur Fight League was a great idea, unfortunately the timing was off. At the end of 2011, I came up with the idea of having an Amateur fight league which was divided up between individual state teams and a scoring system. I held onto the that idea for a couple years, I later met Jesse Nunez who was working for a company called fighter first, he asked to work one of my events. That’s how I met Jesse, we eventually got talking about mixed martial arts and what it is missing. We shared similar ideas on the whole team vs team amateur league. We both decided to push the league forward, with Jesse having a connection with Comcast Sports Net Chicago, I figured it would work out well. At the end of the day it needed to be sponsorship driven and it was not, so I made the decision to leave the company.

The Sports Warriors: Since leaving EAFL, you now are back with another promotion that your merged with your own company of Griggs Entertainment to form Tru Form Entertainment. What can the fans epected for the 2 companies joining together?

Josh Griggs: A friend of mine, Adam Rendon introduced me to a guy named Vern Hildebrandt. Vern is a business saavy entrepreneur and former professional athlete, also the owner of Tru-Form Industries. In the meeting, Vern expressed his interest in MMA and asked if I wanted to join the team as the Promoter. I knew I was sitting across the table from two guys that were going to move forward with or without me and build something I could never compete with and only dreamed about being apart of. I am now the President of League Operations, Adam Rendon is the President of Business Operations, Tyler Hildebrandt is PR Director and Vern Hildebrandt is the BOSS.

The Sports Warriors: Why Ammy and Pro?

Josh Griggs: We want to give the opportunity for Amateurs to showcase their skills on a Pro stage. This gives us the chance to scout out the upcoming talent and possible turn them pro on one of our events.

The Sports Warriors: With Total Combat coming back to San Diego can two Ammy and Pro Promotions exist?

Josh Griggs: Yes, they can both exist, I personally know all of the Total Combat staff. It is a great promotion and I am glad to see them back.

The Sports Warriors: Are you looking to join the ranks of RFA, Legacy or even TuffNuff?

Josh Griggs: Those are all great promotions, but we are looking to bring on something new in 2016, something that is going to have a huge impact on mixed martial arts and send shockwaves throughout the mixed martial arts community over night. When the time comes, I look forward to talking with you about it.

The Sports Warriors: Is the end game to get bigger than those and enter the big leagues?

Josh Griggs: We have something in the works for 2016 that will be one of the biggest announcements in the history of mixed martial arts.

The Sports Warriors: What can the fans expect to see from Tru Form Entertainment’s first event August 22 Bastism Under Fire?

Josh Griggs: Its an action packed fight card!!! The fans will not be disappointed.