The Cannon was loose last night

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California Cage Wars 2

November 12, 2017

On a night filled with high octane fights from the beginning to the end of California Cage Wars 2, it was much improved from their first show. The addition to a new entrance for the fighters to the organization this was much better. We also got to see our very own Sean Loeffler do his own version of Conor McGregor jumping the cage after what appeared to be a tap out from a fighter that cause Sean Loeffler to lose his cool while getting into the cage yelling, bumping the ref in the process but all was not lost as later that night the COMPOUND’S OWN James The Loose Cannon won the first ever Inaugural California Cage Wars Heavyweight Title.

One of my main concerns throughout the night was simply the “MEDICS”, I have been covering enough fights to know medics should be running towards the cage to assist fighters that are not in their right frame of mind. I can count two such actions where the “Medics” should have responded quicker than they did, one of was Team Quest Pierre Gonzales was choked out by James Trindad of North County MMA while lying their unconscious ref Guzman doing what he knows to bring the fighter back the “Medics” where on the sidelines playing on their phone oblivious to the action. This caused the ring announcer Jim Cooley to call for the “Medics” to cage to check out the fighter when they got into the cage they went to James Trindad instead of the fighter that was not moving for a minute. If it wasn’t for Guzman quick reaction to the fighter who knows what might have happened.

The second such issue was during a pro fight with Emilio Williams vs Eric Smith where we saw Emilio get poked in the eye, immediately grabbing at his eye. Yelling at the ref that he can’t see, the ref gave Emilio time to recover while he was sitting down this is where the ref noticed something wasn’t right with Emilio’s eye calling for the “Medics” where the ref jumped on the cage to wave the “medics” into the cage. In my opinion, this should never happen when you are paramedics! It is your job to react fast for the health of these fighters. UNACCEPTABLE!

California Cage Wars 2 with a new layout, fighter entrances, organization this time around was much better. It was nice to see an owner take everything into consideration from his first fight card what he need to do differently Joseph Phebus listened to all the feedback negative and positive. It showed from the start to the end that everyone was working harder, together to help improve this product.

California Cage Wars 3 is set for January 7th, 2018


Amateur Bouts:

Angel Guarardo vs Brandon Dwyer
Winner: Brandon Dwyer via Split Decision 29-28
Cory Williams vs Ali Jafar

Winner: Ali Jafar via Unanimous Decision 29-28
James Trindad vs Pierre Gonzales
Winner: James Trindad via submission RD #3 (Head and Arm choke)

Derek Dowdy vs Josh Richards

                Winner: Josh Richers via TKO RD #1 (Punches)

Hector Guarardo vs Brandon Lee

                Winner: Hector Guarardo via TKO RD #3 (Punches)

Derek Williams vs Devin Ochoa

                Winner: Devin Ochoa via unanimous decision 29-28

Josh Bird vs Enrique Meza

                Winner: Enrique Meza via TKO RD #1 (Body shot, punches)

Jose Serrano vs L.J. Smith

                Winner: Jose Serrano via Unanimous Decision 30-27
Malu Mauga vs Devonte Bennett

                Winner: Malu Mauga via TKO RD #1 (Punches)

Professional Bouts:

Spike Carlyle vs Rhageem Wells

                Winner: Spike Carlyle via TKO RD#1 (Punches, .55 seconds)

Emilio Williams vs Eric Smith

                Ruled a NO CONTEST due to bleeding from the eye (EYE POKE)

Victor Rosas vs Miguel Marti

                Winner: Victor Rosas via TKO RD #2 (Punches)

Leo “Pinky” Franklin vs Ricky Furar

                Winner: Ricky Furar via Unanimous Decision 29-28

Inaugural California Cage Wars HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE

Domingo Cuero vs James Cannon

                Winner: James Cannon via Submission (RD 1 rear naked choke)


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