Tori Ree




Name: Tori Ree


Age: 27


Currently Living: Between London & LA


Turn-ons:  Having faith, an open mind, purpose, intent, humor, integrity, selflessness, gratitude & LOVE.


Turn-offs: Self-involved, closed minded, prejudice, unhealthy, lazy, ignorant, nasty people!


Favorite Food: Oh wow… tough one. Eggs is my all time number one… but other than that, Pizza or a burger?! I’m a little obsessed with Fro-Yo too though (Yougurtland in particular – is there sponsorship for that ish?! Ha)…


Favorite Color: Green & purple – because I’m royalty haha!


Favorite Music: Again a tough one, dependent on my purpose for listening… I love Hip Hop, RnB, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Reggaeton & also known to listen to a bit of classic guitar on occasion! Basically – im open to anything but heavy metal.


Favorite Books/Magazines:  Favorite book of all time has to be ‘The Alchemist’ – it was the start of the most amazing journey of enlightenment for me! A classic all should read.


Favorite Movies: Comedy has to be ‘House party’ with Kid & Play… but I am also obsessed with Home Alone 2 – whatever time of the year!


Dream Vacation: I LOVE travelling… and want to do it all! One place I feel I want to save up for though is Bora Bora. I’m not one to just chill on beaches all day but that place looks like paradise!


Dream Car: Can I say a monster truck!? Haha. Since I was small I’ve been obsessed with big cars. I’d be pretty smug with the new Tesla Jeep thing right now!


Ambitions: To make an impact. To help others experience the true power of unconditional love & gratitude in a world filled with obstacles. To aid others in experiencing their purpose & potential.


Website/Facebook/IG: Facebook : FB :Tori Ree / IG: ToriRee / Youtube; Tori Ree (common trend there huh :op)


3 words to describe yourself: Loved, Loving, Love.


What do you do for fun: Apart from eating!? I enjoy trying out new things, anything active!


Do you have any interesting hobbies: Not at the moment, I’m in a little bit of a transition period at the moment so it’s hard to commit. I want to take up both Salsa & Rock climbing soon though!


Pet peeves: People who come out of toilets (in particular public ones!) and don’t wash their hands… like wtf?! Also, people who take food off my plate… like who even are you?!


What is your daily routine like: HA! If only I knew that myself… the one thing that’s guaranteed is I wake up… and I get a coffee (NO MILK – I HAVE A PHOBIA EW)


Do you have any piercings or tattoos: That I do! Piercings I just have my ears now… but I used to have my belly button and my septum too. Tattoos I have one on both wrists, shoulder, bicep & side of my stomach.


Have you ever been arrested or been served a restraining order: Oh jeez, this goes on the internet?! Ha. Once I got in trouble with the police when I was 17. But it’s all good, 10 years later & I’m saintly! Well… most the time.


What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: I’ve done a few in my time… White water rafting down the Zambezi with people I’d never met? Bungee jumping? Devils pool at Victoria Falls? Quitting my job with nothing lined up but faith? Going on holiday alone? Spending nearly 20weeks prepping for a show? Getting on stage in front of 1000s? Eating a doughnut without licking my lips?


Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you: Oh wow… okay. Best – they clearly were so smooth I can’t remember ha! Worst, you look so sweet you remind me of cake, can I eat you? Umm sorry what.


What kind of guys are you in to: Tall, dark & handsome… haha no, I couldn’t box up my ‘type’, but they’d have to have all the ‘Turn-on’ qualities I mentioned before! It’s down to the individual connection at the end of the day, you’ve either got it or you ain’t!


Favorite Quote: My next tattoo, & my life’s mantra! ‘Living On Valued Energy unconditionally’.