Tara Jenkins

BIO: Full time trainer, coach & goal digger. Part time semi professional CrossFit athlete.
I live a very different lifestyle than your average 32 year old.
Kicking goals daily & constantly working on a positive mindset.

Name: Tara Jenkins

Age: 32

Currently Living: Melbourne, Australia

Turn-ons: Happy people, old school romance, hard workers & honesty  

Turn-offs: Laziness, fake people, vibe killers

Favorite Food: All of it! Haha. Fried Chicken, toast with peanut butter & banana, chocolate

Favorite Color: Aqua 

Favorite Music: Hip Hop & Metal

Favorite Books/Magazines: Any biography or book where you can learn something 

Favorite Movies: Any Rob Zombie movie, Blue Crush, The Sweetest Thing, Mean Girls

Dream Vacation: New York

Dream Car: I'm not really into cars, but I love the look of Jeeps & a Kia Sportage. 

Ambitions: To live comfortably, be in love & content

Website/Facebook/IG: tara.nicole.jenkins

3 words to describe yourself: Happy, positive & dorky

What do you do for fun: Lift weights and then eat food with my friends or travel/road trips

Do you have any interesting hobbies: I like painting, gardening when I have one & baking

Pet peeves: Disloyal people & mess

What is your daily routine like: I wake up before the sun comes up, drink lots of coffee, coach, train myself, visit family/friends, go back to
work to coach, do some sort of recovery (swim, sauna, romwod, walk, stretch, massage), then spend quality time with my loved ones. 

Do you have any piercings or tattoos: Too many tattoos and now I just have my nose and ears pierced.
I have had my septum pierced, my belly, my lower lip, upper lip & tragus. 

What was the craziest thing you've ever done:
I'm pretty safe in general (a bit of a nerd), but probably the standard - get crazy lit overseas, getting lost and somehow finding my way home.
It's not a big deal. 

Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you:
Best - 'You have the prettiest eyes I've ever seen & could look into them every day forever' - a little cheesy but sweet.
Worst - which was last week 'You are so gorgeous, my friend and I have been wanting to speak to you for half an hour, but he's
worried you have bigger shoulders than him. How much can you lift?' - this is a no no. 

What kind of guys are you in to:
Sweet, romantic, genuine guys that treat you with respect but also want to be your best friend and do stupid things with you. 

Favorite Quote: You only get out what you put in.