Syleena Lane


Hello beautiful people, my name is Syleena Lane. I am an online coach for nutrition and training programs, specializing in weight loss and creating better lifestyle habits. I also do influencer work for varies brands or companies and collabs alike. I am currently in the process of rebranding, very long process and takes a ton of time. I have so many goals in life, one is to be published in a high-end magazine and get into more of commercials and these sorts of things before I get too old! While I’m young and beautiful they say lol. One on my main aspirations is to publish this book my Mama has been working on about the story of my life. This is to help younger children who have been in similar situations that I went through to be strong and come back on the other side a survivor! A fun fact about the foundation of why this book is important is because she is my adopted mother. I got adopted into this family when I was 10yo. They are my absolute saviors in life and my parents are my best friends. Besides this achievement, I have studied two different languages, Spanish and Arabic. Absolutely love both! Arabic is def a bit more of a challenge. I spent three months and 15 hours a week just learning to write, read and pronounce the alphabet. Everyone likes to talk about their achievements, but failures are just as important. I dropped out of acupuncture school one year away from graduating with my masters. A failure, yes, but it changed the way I look at health and medicine. I became an expert at observing the signs and symptoms the body shows you from stools, the tongue, the pulse etc. I am so against the corporate stigma about a piece of paper labeling you as good enough. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Due to this background, one quirky fact about me is I love talking about poop. Its so important and people get so shy and awkward when you bring the topic up. Personally, I hate flushing the toilet without examining it first. =))




Name: Syleena Lane




Age: 31




Currently Living: San Diego




Turn-ons: Good hygiene. Speaks multiple languages. Wears good strong perfume.




Turn-offs: Boring. Can’t make me laugh. No communication.




Favorite Food: Sushi and Burgers




Favorite Color: Green, Red, Pink




Favorite Music: Hip Hop/R&B and rap… 90s baby over here!




Favorite Books/Magazines: Vogue and Time




Favorite Movies: Not much of a TV person but I like anything action or comedy related. I also don’t like watching the same movie more than once. One and done! Oh, and TV/movies stimulate me. All the people that fall asleep to it.. im so flabbergasted by that.




Dream Vacation: Travel around the world non-stop for the rest of my life.




Dream Car: Pearl Chrome Bugatti or a Pink RR




Ambitions: Create multiple businesses here and overseas in Dubai. Become fluent in Arabic. Land some magazine covers. Meet new people and expand my wisdom.




Website/Facebook/IG: I am currently rebranding my online fitness programs. will have a phase 1 soft launch this summer. IG: Syleena _Lane




3 words to describe yourself: Adventurous. Bubbly. Open-minded and loyal




What do you do for fun: I travel, do photoshoots, seek adrenaline experiences, create new projects and learn new things.




Do you have any interesting hobbies: I compete in WBFF for fitness competitions. I like to try new sports. I did capoeira for 5 years, loved it! I love spa days, particularly Russian bath houses.




Pet peeves: Sleeping with the tv on. Hair in the bathroom. Showering before bed. Being unorganized. Being woken up, I need my sleep.




What is your daily routine like: Hmmm… well my day changes everyday lol but I usually get my workouts in at some point, work on the computer, organize or research whatever it is on my to do list. Spend some time at home cooking dinner with the hubby. Those are the basics.




Do you have any piercings or tattoos: I don’t have as many piercings as I used to. I had my tragus pierced but the I couldn’t put my earbuds in at the gym, so I said fuck. I had my wedding finger pierced like a ring, but it never healed so I took it out. I had my nose pierced or a while but grew out of it in my early 20s. I have my belly button pierced but I hardly ever wear a ring in it. Tats I have two currently. One in my bikini line that is the anarchy sign but, in a heart, instead of a circle. The other, is on my rib cage and it says love always in Italian. I will get just one more tat in Arabic. Haven’t decided what it will say exactly but the location I’m certain on will go laterally across the hip just below the bone.




What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: Oh God. There is so much. Crazy is very vague. I’ve skydived, absolutely love it. I’ve also met a guy online and flew to meet them and stayed a month. Dropped out of acupuncture school to do other things in life. Jumped off a 40ft gorge high as a kite on molly. Attended sex house parties. Ive done some interesting things for sure.




Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you: hmmm honestly, I can’t remember. I’ve been married now for a while. But it has to be more than, you’re hot, can I have your info?




What kind of guys are you in to: I am into to foreign exotic guys. My hubby is Arab, probably the most foreign to most Americans based on the stigma in our country. So, guys that speak multiple languages, def obsessed with dark features and beards. Other than that, I don’t have a specific type.




Favorite Quote: Love what you do to do what you love!!