Nyla Fuller

Name: Nyla Fuller

Age: 32

Currently Living: Alberta, CA

Turn-ons: Humor, intellect, a great smile, confidence

Turn-offs: Ego, poor manners, judgemental/close-minded

Favorite Food: Pizza and ice cream

Favorite Color: Royal blue

Favorite Music: Rock, alternative, electronic but I can get into almost anything

Favorite Books/Magazines: Just read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k” – it was light hearted but did a good job of reminding me to prioritize values and not take myself too seriously

Favorite Movies: I’ve watched the Fast & Furious series more times than I care to admit!

Dream Vacation: Anywhere with a white sand beach and turquoise waters

Dream Car: Audi R8, not sure why but I really like those

Ambitions: Live a fit, healthy life that inspires others to feel confident in their own skin regardless of their shape or look

Website/Facebook/IG: Instagram @nyla.fitness

3 words to describe yourself: Ambitious, disciplined, playful

What do you do for fun: Outdoor walking/swimming, gymming, travelling, do naps and pizza count?

Do you have any interesting hobbies: Healthy cooking, BBQing, the gym

Pet peeves: When people talk loudly on cell phones in the restaurant or gym, bad drivers

What is your daily routine like: I always start the day with breakfast, coffee and a walk outside, and end the day with a workout and reading something good to unwind

Do you have any piercings or tattoos: I have 12 piercings, currently wear my navel and some ear ones; no tattoos but have an appreciation for them

Have you ever been arrested or been served a restraining order: No

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: Donated my household items to charity, packed two suitcases & moved to a different country

Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you:

“Are you a beaver? Cuz damn!” – I laughed pretty hard at that
“I lost my number, can I have yours?”

What kind of guys are you in to: Kind, funny, athletic with a great smile

Favorite Quote: “Just because someone says it’s impossible doesn’t mean it can’t be done”