Nikki Cormier (Fitness Model)

Name- Nikki Cormier
Age- 30
Currently Living- Santa Clarita, CA
Turn Ons- Nice smile and tattoos
Turn offs- bad teeth and chewing with your mouth open
Favorite Food- Mexican food
Favorit color- purple
Favorite Music- reggage
Favorite Books/Magazines- Oxygen Magazine and Seat of the Soul for book
Favorite Movies- Snatch, Fight Club, A Rive Runs Through It
Dream Vacation- a little bungalow in Tahiti
Dream Car- new BMW I8
Ambitions- I want to help women and girls struggling with self confidence to believe in themselves and let them know they are not alone and that we all have our issues. I would like to open my own foundation in Africa for children without schooling, shelter and food. I will have my own fitness show at some point as well that not only deals with fitness but helps people really look deep within and do spiritual work as well.
Instagram- Nikkico65
3 Words to describe yourself- *spiritual, *funny as hell (total goofball) * sensitive
What do I do for fun- For fun, I enjoy hiking, running, shopping, playing soccer, and hanging out with my 8 year old little boy Damian
Interesting Hobbies- soccer, surfing, scrapbooking, boxing
Pet Peeves- when people are fake as fuck to my face
Daily Routine- Usually it starts early in the am with my cup of coffee, oatmeal and egg whites, take my son to school, train, and then train clients and take care of emails or anything else that needs to be done that day
Piercing or tattoos- Yes, i have my ears pierced, belly button, and my nose was pierces 3 x but had to keep removing it for boxing so i gave up! lol! Yes, my whole back it tatted and i have a small one on my right wrist
No, I have never been arrested or had a restraining order
Craziest thing I have ever done- Craziest would have to be talking to an old boyfriend years ago at like 2 am and decided to get in my car and go see him in San Fransisco (5 hour drive), have sex and got back in my car and drove all the way back home
Worst pick up line- “Do you workout” Fuck yes of course, no i just look like this by eating doughnuts and not doing shit lol
best- still waiting
what kind of guys am i into- I am not sure if i have a type, but i love a guy who can make me laugh, doesn’t mind being a dork with me, and obviously takes care of themselves and wants to be active
Favorite Quote- Not to be lame but “just do it” !!! I love it because it can go into any aspect of your life. Sometimes, you really do just need to “just do it”.