Mindy Foster


I consider myself a late bloomer…seriously getting into fitness when I was 33. Ive grown so much physically, mentally and spiritually through the process. Im a fit mom of 2 amazingly talented boys that follow in my athleticism. I got certified as a Personal Trainer in 2007 and began competing in Figure competitions in 2009. I recently switched to Bikini which as been the best decision Ive ever made. I joined Team Edge after my first Bikini show and then my 3rd show I won the Master’s Overall. I will be competing in the Masters Nationals in July 2014 and going for my Pro card! I eat, sleep and breathe fitness!

Name: Mindy Foster

Age: 38

Currently Living: California

Turn-ons: Everything about my husband as well as my own self! lol

Turn-offs: Lying and being fake

Favorite Food: Sushi!

Favorite Color: Purple and Red

Favorite Music: 80’s

Favorite Books/Magazines: Muscle & Fitness Hers, kids books

Favorite Movies: All the Rocky movies, and any other movie where Sylvester Stallone trains!

Dream Vacation: Scuba Diving in warm waters with sea turtles

Dream Car: A real Army Hummer

Ambitions: In my career, I want to change the lives of as many people as I can. In my personal life, I want to be an IFBB Bikini Masters Pro.

Website/MySpace: Facebook: Mindy Foster

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/MindyFosterFitness1
Instagram: Mindy Foster

Bodyspace: www.bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/mindyfoster75

3 words to describe yourself: Outgoing, Friendly, Real

What do you do for fun:
I love to skateboard with my boys, scuba dive with my husband and just be at the gym!

Do you have any interesting hobbies: besides weight lifting, yoga and crossfit, I love scuba diving, skateboarding, snowboarding, trying to surf (lol) and I love to dance.

Pet peeves: someone biting their finger nails, crumbs or sand in the bed and on the floor, letting the dishes sit after dinner.

What is your daily routine like:
After I get my boys ready for school, if im not in prep, I usually go back to bed (lol), but if Im in prep, I go to the gym for my fasted cardio, come home and eat. Then I usually get on the computer and do some work, do laundry or whatever else needs to be done, run errands, etc. Then when my boys get home we do homework and play. When my husband gets home we go back to the gym, come home eat dinner then spend family time before bed which usually consists of a movie or a game.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos: OMG! several!! I have my navel pierced twice, several in various places in my ears. I have a 3/4 sleeve of flowers on my left arm. On my right arm I have stars wrapping around my forearm onto my hand with my husbands name in one of the stars. Down that same arm I have the  words “Sexy Strong”, which is making the statement that women with muscles can be sexy too. I have a big side piece that is a mermaid, sea turtle, octopus and some fish. I have my boys feet prints on my back from when they were born, with the words “Thank You God” in a heart because Im so thankful and blessed to have such amazing boys. Im actually having 2 tattoos removed. They are both 21 years old. One around my navel and another on my ankle. They were stupid mistakes from when I was a teenager.

Have you ever been arrested or been served a restraining order: The only time I was arrested was after my DUI in 2009. It was the worst experience of my life, being in jail with crack heads and freaky girls! I hated every second of it! That was enough to make me never do that again!

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: Probably pee in front of the  drive thru window at Taco Bell when I was like 17.

Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you: Well the worst is Either someone the produce section asking where the lettuce is or someone at the gym asking me about an exercise that they clearly know how to do. And I honestly can’t remember the best. It would have to be when my husband introduced himself  to me so  respectfully and confident. That was a big turn on!

What kind of guys are you in to: Older, sexy, strong, handsome, self sufficient and confident (My husband)!

Favorite Quote:
“No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is  for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” Socrates (469-399 BC)

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