Mary Pearl

Mary Pearl is a fitness model & competitor, motivational guru, Nutrition Supreme & Nutrition for Athletes (NFA) supplement sponsored athlete, hostess, boxing & mixed martial arts (MMA) & wrestling ring & cage card girl, expert in brand promotion, bilingual, and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

With more than 8000 fans/followers on Facebook and high-demand for public appearances, Mary Pearl’s growing reputation is being recognized as an amazing fitness lifestyle model in the industry.

Mary Pearl is first and foremost a career woman, working as a professional in the Telecommunications industry since 2010. She is very proud of her career and loves her job. While working a full-time job, she started a modeling career, participating in promotional events and multiple collaborations in the areas of boxing, MMA and professional wrestling since June 2013. She has been an active martial artist since the age of 8, and an avid fitness model since 2007. She has also participated in
numerous competitions within both those disciplines.

With her exemplary professionalism, her contagious smile, her abundant positive energy , her easy going attitude and people friendly nature, she quickly became a regular at various amateur and professional events and galas in Quebec. She is very passionate about her work as a Ring Girl, and she encourages all athletes in the world because she knows above all about the rigors of training and nutrition rituals . In conclusion, Mary Pearl believes that we all have dreams to realize, and that
we should everything to have them realized.

Name: Mary Pearl

Age: 33

Currently Living: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Turn-ons: Respect, work dedication and ethic, charm, self-confidence and a fit lifestyle

Turn-offs: Bad language, smoking & drinking habits, laziness and jealousy

Favorite Food: Tuna steak with steamed vegetables / Sashimi (unkooked fish)

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Music: Trance, Female vocal dubstep and House

Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Dancing with the Wolves, Wedding Planner, A Time to Kill

Dream Vacation: I would love to go to California where I would be able to train on the beach everyday! 🙂

Dream Car: I am not into very expensive cars but I always dreamed to buy myself the Nissan 370Z.

– To succeed within my first corporate job.
– To be a ring & cage girl for many years and appear on tv as much as possible. My goals, when I started 18 months ago, were to be broadcasted on American programming
which I did twice. Now, for 2015, I still wish to continue into this direction and get visibility where World Championship titles are involved.
– To keep up within the fitness industry, represent my sponsors as a finess model and maybe competing anytime soon.
– And one day, find the love of my life and have a family.

Website/Social Media:
Facebook fan page:
Instagram: misfitness28
Twitter: @ring_pearl

3 words to describe yourself: Motivation, dedication and passion

What do you do for fun: I love watching movies, going to the teather, having 5@7 with colleagues, spa and massages, seeing friends and training of course!

Pet peeves:
– People who have a hard time listening when you talk and keep interrupting you
– A negative attitude and minding. It seems like positive isn’t never there!
– Dating someone who is constantly texting and avoiding a real communication.
– Traffic in general. I just hate it!

What is your daily routine like: I wake up at 5am weekdays. I take my stack and start my training at home. I have one hour of train to get to work. My schedule is from 9am to 5pm and I have been working there since 2010. Another hour of train to come back home. Then, I prepare meals, eat, clean, laundry, shower, work on special projects, answer messages, negotiate with promoters and much more. Weekends are always booked with galas / shows / promotional gigs and shootings. Yes, I am
a very busy girl but I could still find some precious time with Mr.Right!!!

Do you have any piercings or tattoos: None and it is rare nowadays for a girl!

Have you ever been arrested or been served a restraining order: NEVER

Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you: The worst of all: Why are you still single? The best: Talk about yourself.

What kind of guys are you in to: My perfect guy shall be independent, sociable, secure, confident, hard-worker, charismatic, open minded, dedicated, smiling and

Favorite Quote:
”It is so easy to give up, to walk away, to stop dreaming, to declare yourself a looser. Being ambitious means you are capable to achieve anything even if it seems impossible. Where impossible exists, you build your inner strengh, you get more focussed and you learn to trust your abilities. Never doubt you can’t and fight for your pride anytime opportunities are being presented to you.” – Mary Pearl

”Don’t ever doubt you aren’t capable to achieve your goals. Set you mind into a positive one where focus is oriented on self-confidence, pride and determination. No one can stop you from succeeding besides your own fears.” – Mary Pearl