Marissa Jade


Marissa Jade American Model/Actress of Italian Chinese Heritage born and living in the NY Metro area. A Combination of Exotic Natural Beauty Extreme Physical Fitness and a New York Can Do Attitude plus Staten Island street smarts has led Marissa to a Successful Multi Media Career over the last decade. As a Model she has worked for brands such as Jessica Simpson, Kenneth Cole, Coach. Marissa has also appeared in dozens of magazines both as cover and featured model such as Life & Style, Mancave, Pressure, FHM, Maxim, etc. In addition, Marissa is well known as a fantasy art/ pin up model working with artists Glenn Fisher, Neil Volkes, Dirk Strangely and has developed and been featured as a character Destiny Queen of Thieves in her own Comic Book. Marissa also has experience at trade shows and conventions of all sizes both as a featured guest and a spokesmodel including New York Comic Con, Fashion Week, Wizard World, Megafest New England.   Marissa has also been active in the film & television industry with appearances in Elf, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and Law & Order along with Indie films and Starred in Season 6 of Mob Wives. Marissa was also a Dynamite Guest on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2017 causing a great stir with the British Press. Finally, Marissa Jade finds her Strength and Loyalty with her large family including five brothers, 2 sisters and her small family, her son. Marissa is ready to be part of any project large or small


Name: Marissa Jade


Currently Living: New York


Turn-ons: Consistency, Loyalty, Strength


Turn-offs: Weakness physically & mentally


Favorite Food: Seafood


Favorite Color: White, Gold


Favorite Music: R&B


Favorite Books/Magazines: The Secret


Favorite Movies: Dirty Dancing


Dream Vacation: European tour


Dream Car: Bugatti


Website/Facebook/IG: MsMarissaJade


3 words to describe yourself: Consistent Loyal Fierce


What do you do for fun: Anything my heart desires. I love last minute pick up and leave type trips


Do you have any interesting hobbies: Hem collector


Pet peeves: Drinking whole chewing


What is your daily routine like: when I wake up I make breakfast, take care of my fur babies and my big baby, take a shower, get ready, and try to take over the world 😊


Do you have any piercings or tattoos: I’ve had several; nose, labret, ears, tongue, and bellybutton, but I only wear piercings in my ears now. I also have 3 tattoos.


What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: sex on a plane… sky diving…


Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you: omg that’s something I’m not going to remember but I’m sure I’ve heard it all! Lol


What kind of guys are you in to: Alpha


Favorite Quote: well it’s one of them.

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