Maaxx “West” Bustamante


Maaxx West is a Content Creator (Photographer / Videographer / Designer) with over 16 years of experience creating amazing and eye catching content for her clients.

She has had her own business since she was 18 years old, starting in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she is originally from.

She was the Photography Manager and later Creative Director for one of the biggest supplement companies in NYC for a few years to then move on to Miami, FL to grow her own name and brand.
She runs her own Media Company – – she is also one of the owners of @olympuslyfestyle and owner and founder of @theinfinityfit.

During the years in NYC she did Personal Training as well, training super models to get ready for Runway for Ford Models Agency. She also assisted in productions for big Fashion Magazines.

2020 she did her first WBFF Show which was virtual during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In the 2nd virtual she got her Pro status and is now prepping to compete in WBFF Worlds in London in November.




Maaxx “West” Bustamante




Currently Living:




Interesting conversations, passion, drive, some damn GO!





Favorite Food:

Wholefoods Pizza


Favorite Color:

Changes but right now I have a thing for neon colors, yellow, orange, pink and always black


Favorite Music:

Metal, Rock, Reggaeton, Techno, a little bit of everything really. Depends on my mood at the time.


Favorite Books/Magazines:

“The 5 love languages” – everyone should seriously read this one, “The One Thing” – has helped me a lot with business and life even though I totally forget to practice it sometimes.


Favorite Movies:

Honestly no idea. I can’t concentrate on a TV or movie for too long. My brain is too occupied, haha. Like stand-up comedy though.


Dream Vacation:

Tulum next! I have traveled a lot in my days and always looking for something new and interesting to see.

There is not one specific place or trip that I can pick.


Dream Car:

Love my current BMW i8 in a custom color, name Baby Blue 😉 forever dream car: Koenigsegg 🔥



Get even bigger clients for my content creation/media business, make my other 2 companies explode (supplements and workout equipment), win a WBFF crown, travel a lot for fun and work (they both go together, I love my job.)



TikTok: @maaxxwest


3 words to describe yourself:

Driven, hard working, loner


What do you do for fun:

Workout, eat food, travel


Do you have any interesting hobbies:

Photography – I have my dream job


Pet peeves:

Hmmmmmm not really. People do them, I do me. I often stay in my own world inside my head, haha.


What is your daily routine like:

Wake up, posing, breakfast, emails, social, computer work, food, workout, food, work (photoshoots normally late afternoon/evening) food, food, sleep


Do you have any piercings or tattoos:

Piercings – tongue, ears, had a lot more but removed them.

Tattoos – too much to write down, watch the photos.


What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done:

Pack 7 bags and leave Sweden for US with no real plan.


Travel to Thailand all by myself for 2 months, best trip ever.


Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you:

Don’t remember. I don’t register things like that.

People often comment on my tattoos, not necessarily to flirt but it’s a daily thing guys and girls do it.

A woman asked me once if we could get married and be fit queens together. That was kind of cute.

I can’t recall a guy ever saying anything extremely creative or extremely bad, then I would probably have remembered it.

My husband said to me a week after I met him that he wanted to marry me and that he didn’t need anything else in life. That one I remember 🙂

Since we are married he succeeded haha.


What kind of guys are you in to:

Smart, loving, driven, passionate, sense of humor.


Favorite Quote:

Nobody is ever “too busy” if they are interested they will make time.