Julia Parish

My name is Julia Parish

I am 28 years old
Live in Oklahoma
Turn ons: sense of humor, good smelling cologne, highly mature, good manners, tattoos

Turn offs: arrogance, dry sense of humor, bad shoes, skinny jeans lol, immaturity.

Favorite food: peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Favorite color: black (yes not a real color) 2nd choice mint green

Favorite music: heavy metal/rock

Favorite books and magazines: the bible, anything inspirational, Fitness Rx, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers

Favorite movies: Long Kiss Goodnight, Liar Liar, and good horror movies. Too many to list.

Dream vacation: a secluded beach house on a private beach with endless strawberry margaritas and no technology.

Dream car: a black Dodge Charger SRT 8.

Ambitions: to compete in the Olympia next year. Transform my body from fitness to figure. Help the youth with eating disorder awareness and living with domestic violence. To give all I can to people that are in need. Future missionary trips are planned.

Websites: my fitness page

Instagram: Fitjewels86

3 words to describe me: humble, transparent, loving

What I do for fun: I enjoy getting out and playing with my son. I love going to concerts and hanging with good friends. And of course exercise.

Interesting hobbies: I am a good singer.

Pet peeves: fake people, slow drivers, talking while I’m watching a movie, empty food boxes in the cupboard

Daily routine: I get up and drink coffee! Take care of dogs and son. Usually cook food for the day. Exercise. I always end my night with listening to music and playing my nerdy computer game Bookworm.

I have a lip piercing. I have had a lot of other things pierced but took them out as I got older. I have almost a full sleeve. 20 tattoos total.

I have never been in trouble with the law.

Craziest thing I ever did: a bunch of friends and I drank a little too much at a bonfire at my house and thought it’d be a good idea to skinny dip in the lake by my house at 32 degrees. The water was actually warmer than we thought lol.

Best or worse pick up line a guy has used: hmmmm most guys are super shy around me. I have been told I am intimidating. Don’t know why, but no weird pick up lines.

What kind of guys am I into: smart, successful, funny, and goal oriented men. I like creativity in a relationship or it gets boring. Make me laugh everyday and I’m hooked. Love to talk about weird stuff and just laugh. Life is too short to be serious.

Favorite quote is from a song I use to listen to. “You don’t know pain if you haven’t had suffering.”