Evangeline Vece

I’m a WBFF bikini Model living on the Beautiful Gold Coast in Australia!
I have been competing for 2 years, i love training and living life to the fullest and try to make the most of everyday by waking up at the crack of dawn and being as productive as possible!

Evangeline Vece


Currently Living:
Gold Coast Australia

Someone Goal orientated, passionate and motivated.

Egos, can’t hold conversations, dishonest.

Favorite Food:
Doughnut Time

Favorite Color:

Favorite Music:

Favorite Books/Magazines:
Louise Hay Books

Favorite Movies:

Dream Vacation:

Dream Car:
Range Rover

To live a happy balanced work/life, maintain and expand more into the fitness industry.

Instagram @ evevece

3 words to describe yourself:
Bubbly, Friendly, Caring

What do you do for fun:
Spend time at the beach and getting coffee with friends.

Do you have any interesting hobbies:
Cleaning and Organizing

Pet peeves:

What is your daily routine like:
Always wake up early, I make sure I walk 30-45minutes every morning, other than running errands and working I will train daily, make sure my meals are prepped and try to catch up with friends or family.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos:
1 small tattoo on the back of my neck.

Have you ever been arrested or been served a restraining order:

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done:
Move from my home town in NSW Bowral to the Gold Coast on my own with just my car and clothes.

Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you:
Can’t think of any good or bad ones!

What kind of guys are you in to:
Guys that train, are goal orientated and like adventures.

Favorite Quote:
“ Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”