Danielle Barnes

Name: Danielle Barnes
Age: 28 yrs old
Currently Living: Huntsville, AL
Turn ons: confidence… & chest hair 😉
Turn offs: when people say “I can’t”
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite color: purple
Favorite music: 80’s rock
Favorite book/magazine: House of Night series/ Oxygen or Fitness RX
Dream vacation: Italy
Dream car: BMW X5
Ambitions: To finish 1st place and go
Pro in Bikini at a NPC National Body Building Show
Website: Facebook- Danielle Marie Barnes/ Instagram- npcbikinidanibarnes
3 words to describe yourself: fitness, willpower, hairdresser
What do you do for fun: competing in NPC Bikini Bodybuilding competitions, working out, cooking, hang out with my girl friends, flying with my husband who is a pilot, sky diving, water skiing and playing with my Maltese.
Pet peeves: slow drivers in the left lane,   people who sweat on gym equipment and don’t spray and wipe it down, and rude people
What is ur daily routine: I eat 5 small meals a day. I go to work as a hairdresser at a salon in the morning, then lift weight at the gym on my lunch break, and then back to work for a while. When I get home I put dinner on to cook while I do my cardio.
Do u have piercings or tattoos: belly button piercing and a tattoo of 3 butterflies on my hip
Have u been arrested or restraining order: No
Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Bartending in New Orleans for 5 years
Best and Worst pick up line: Best- I think you’re beautiful/ Worst- I lost my number can I have yours
What kind of guys are you into: Determined, Driven, Strong, Confident
Favorite Quote: Obsessed is what lazy people call dedicated

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