Carmen Dicu


I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and I lived there until I turned 19. My entire family and I always had the American Dream in mind so migration had always been a plan for us. I’ve been a citizen for almost 2 years and lived here for about 12 years currently in Phoenix, Arizona. After moving to the US, I became more and more interested in the Fitness & Bodybuilding movement when I first saw Paige Hathaway compete. I always played a sport like soccer, basketball, and just simply being athletic was what pulled me in. The fire inside me was lit! I had to try to see my own limits and give competitions a try.

After doing my first show, I was hooked. I ended up placing 1st place in my Open Class and it felt amazing. I continued to grow, learn and compete in a lot of International shows because, at the time, I was only a permanent resident which only allowed me to compete at a higher scale 3 times a year. I continued to push myself for about 8 more competitions within a total of 5 years until the 9th show when I earned my IFBB PRO Card. I still am on cloud 9 about it! It was a very important time of growth in my life where I learned so much about myself, the industry, and what I want to pursue.

Amongst other things, I have been able to build a side career in the Robotics Industry – Self Driving Technology. I am currently working for a robotics company in Phoenix that is changing the world with each robot delivery to hospitals, businesses, and people. I found a real passion for this industry and being able to Beta test software and simply become part of an important technologic moment is what I hoped for as a job or career on top of fitness. I believe in paving the way for women in this tech industry as much as I am trying to make women feel comfortable in the fitness industry.

My goal is to inspire, create, and develop new ways for people to train and understand their bodies. I think self-love is something every soul needs to learn how to interpret for themselves and I want to help.

My journey has not been easy. I have always dealt with a lack of confidence and often felt like the odd kid growing up like I simply didn’t fit in. Along the way, I learned how to love who I am through maturing and actually living life, but I learned it all on my own. It’s been a very fun and productive journey so far but I want more. My dream of being a female leader in the industry is something I think about constantly and I know I have a calling. Fitness has saved my life from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and an overall bad relationship with food. Now I am able to say I am happy and I feel complete and ready to begin a new journey to find a team with whom I can bring this dream to life.


2019 Wings of Strength IFBB PRO Show – 16th Place

2019 NPC USA – 2nd Place in Bikini E **Awarded IFBB PRO CARD**

2019 NPC Muscle Contest Challenge Anaheim – Overall Bikini Champion & 1st Place in Bikini D

2019 NPC Arnold Amateur – 2nd Place Bikini E

2018 NPC Dennis James Classic – Overall Bikini Champion & 1st Place in Bikini D

2018 IFBB Arnold Amateur – 5th Place in Bikini E

2018 IFBB Amateur Olympia – 2nd Place in Bikini C

2017 NPC Fit World – Overall Bikini Champion & 1st Place in Bikini D

2016 NPC Iron Games – 2nd Place in Bikini D

2015 NPC Felicia Romero Classic & Western Regional – 1st Place in Bikini D

2015 NPC Arizona Open – 1st Place in Bikini C & 2nd Place in Novice Bikini B

Name: Carmen Dicu

Age: 30

Currently living: Phoenix AZ

Turn-ons: long hair

Turn-offs: dirty nails and teeth

Favorite food: burgers

Favorite color: red

Favorite music: EDM/ TRAP

Favorite books/magazine: How to win friends and influence people

Favorite movies: fantasy

Dream vacation: somewhere in Bali

Dream car: 70’s Corvette Stingray

Ambitions: to become a pilot, own my own business & to be a very strong independent female

IG @beastchickk

3 worlds to describe yourself: WILD FIERY LOVING

What do you do for fun: I like to relax. I work and I’m on the go so much that fun for me became simply being at home and enjoying the time off but I LOVE hanging out with friends and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops

Interesting hobbies: I like to create content for brands – my creative genius does best when I can express myself. I love tattoos, designing them. I love cooking & extreme sports.

Pet peeves: not responding to my texts ( super disrespectful ) , leaving your socks everywhere, not taking responsibility for your mistake

Daily routine: 80% of my life is spent getting ready for a bodybuilding competition and my schedule differs but this is the usual for me: 3:45 am wake up head to gym for faster cardio

6:00 am work

2:30 pm gym

4:30 photoshoot

6:00 pm I stop using my phone and spend time with my fiancée

Piercings or tattoos: I have my nose pierced and my belly button, and 1 tattoo I got on my 30th bday but plan on being about 40% covered in tats

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: if I told you I’d have to kill you

Best/worst pickup line a guy used on you : best one — I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave

worst one — girl, is your name Ariana cuz your booty grande

Guys I’m into: 6’5” long hair muscular beasts like my fiancée

Favorite quote: I am… of the wind. Whose sound is heard yet none can tell from whence it comes or where it goes.


Photos : photographer @js.snapshot