Angel Starr


Name: Angel Starr

Age: 43

Currently Living: Oregon

Turn-ons:  Strong leadership skills, “mans man” alpha tYpres men

Turn-offs: Cocky and egotistical people

Favorite Food: ohhhh all the food! When im not dieting I like  Cheesecake, Mexican food, Italian food, and oatmeal raisin cookies

Favorite Color: RED!!

Favorite Music: I love music in general. I listen to all genres but I don’t have a taste for super heavy metal

Favorite Books/Magazines: I am a knowledge queen!! I read and listen to podcasts about all subjects! I’m addicted to growth and knowledge, whether it’s fitness, psychology , relationship, history!

Favorite Movies: Lord Of The Rings all of them! But again, I like all genres and too many favorites

Dream Vacation: that’s tough! I’m a Gemini so I like a variety. Today I feel very “tropically” so maybe Jamaica but tomorrow I may want to go to Alaska! I want to experience it all

Dream Car: I don’t care much about cars and “things” I live for experiences.

Ambitions: to continue learning daily, help others to grow and teach their full potential. Basically, I want to change as many lives/ lifestyles as possible. Creating confidence and happiness within others is my passion

Website/Facebook/IG:  website is just now being built! Stay tuned!  FB- Angel Starr Saucier  IG- ms.angelstarr_ifbbpro

3 words to describe yourself:  creative, eccentric , ambitious

What do you do for fun:  work out!! Hahaha  I enjoy so many things. Visiting with girlfriends, trying new foods, traveling, Sometimes a movie, reading about new subjects

Do you have any interesting hobbies: well some people think “bodybuilding” is interesting. I’m pretty well rounded, however. I used to rifle Deer hunt And salmon/ steelhead fish. But I also love fashion and beautiful clothing. I have huge contrasts

Pet peeves: lack of follow through, unkind people, disrespect

What is your daily routine like: it varies day to day because I work for myself. I have in house training clients usually half a day, in-line clients to tend to, one on one posing sessions, eat 6 times per day and lift in between. When I have clients competing, I travel on weekends to be with them

Do you have any piercings or tattoos: nope! Clean, pure skin. I have one piercing on each ear

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: believe in myself enough to get an IFBB pro card in women’s Physique

Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you: Best- “I felt your positive energy from across the room, may I talk to you?” Worst- “I really want to hit on you but you look like you can kick my ass”

What kind of guys are you in to: respectful, driven, strong leader, passionate, and alpha

Favorite Quote: any that motivates me on a given day.

Angel Starr IFBB PRO