Alicia Bell




Name: Alicia Bell


Age: 34


Currently Living: The Woodlands, TX


Turn-ons: Any man that can make me laugh when all I want to do is be mad.


Turn-offs: Not keeping your promise.


Favorite Food: Gumbo


Favorite Color: Black


Favorite Music: Varies with mood, but I’m a country girl at heart


Favorite Books/Magazines: The Outsiders


Favorite Movies: Anything 80’s, they are classics that will stand the test of time.


Dream Vacation: A day trip to Heaven to visit my best friend.  He was one of the good ones.


Dream Car: 1979 (10th anniversery edition) Pontiac Trans AM T-top, Black with gold firebird hood decal


Ambitions: Giving my children every oppurtunnity in life that I didn’t have growing up


Website/MySpace: Facebook: @Alicia Bell Npc Competitor, Instagram @Aliciabelle4


3 words to describe yourself: Gracious, Intelligent, confident


What do you do for fun: eat clean, train dirty


Do you have any interesting hobbies: I collect PEZ dispensers


Pet peeves: noisy eaters, people who take a pile of napkins and only use one, people who make sucking noises when their drinks are nearly empty

as if they are on the verge of dehydration, people that talk about their pets as if they were their children, moochers, having to use more than

one remote control to work the TV, suburban kids who think they’re gangstas…etc.


What is your daily routine like: wake at 0443, do food prep for the day, eat, get girls to school, eat, train, eat, pick up girls, eat, get girls fed, bathed and

put to bed, take my shower, eat and go to bed…rinse and repeat.


Do you have any piercings or tattoos: 9 tattoos all “discretely” placed


Have you ever been arrested or been served a restraining order: Not yet…lol.


What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done: It begins with a disclaimer…


Best and worst pick up line a guy has used on you:

Best: I walked into a bar and a short time later a guy approached and asked me “What to you so long…”

Worst: “Hey, do you workout?”


What kind of guys are you in to: I’m into men that choose to make me a priority and not an option.


Favorite Quote: “Look real close ’cause strobe lights lie.”

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