TFE: Vengeance PBP Results

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TFE MMA (Tru Form Entertainment)

August 26, 2016

Anaheim Business Expo Center


Amateur Bout

Matthew Padilla vs Aaron LaFarge

Round 1: Padilla comes out with a couple of front kicks and lands a solid right leg kick to the lead leg of LaFarge. LaFarge is able to get Padilla down to the mat and move into Padilla’s half guard. LaFarge postures up and lands a few hard shots as Padilla attempts to push him off. LaFarge is able to maintain the position as he works to pass the guard of Padilla. Padilla lands a good up kick towards the end of the round.

Round 1: LaFarge

Round 2: Padilla once again lands a solid leg kick to the lead leg of LaFarge. LaFarge scores again with another take down into the half guard of Padilla. LaFarge postures up and connects with a few right hands that land. Padilla attempts to use the cage to get back and again LaFarge slams him back down to the mat.

Round 2: LaFarge

Round 3: Padilla comes out throwing, that allows LaFarge to duck under the cross and shoot in for the take down. LaFarge is able to get the take down. Padilla is able to get back to his feet, LaFarge is able to control Padilla against the cage and pull Padilla down for the take down at the end of the round.

Round 3: LaFarge

Winner: Aaron LaFarge (via Unanimous Decision 30-27 all judges)

*Pro Fight Card Begins*

Main Card

Maikel Gonzales vs Sam Yang

Round 1: Yang with a solid kick to the inner thigh of Gonzales. Gonzales clinched as he lands 2 solid knees inside the clinch and pressures Yang up against the cage. Gonzales with a take down and Yang is able to push him off to get back to his feet. Gonzales lands a right hand and Yang follows up with a counter left followed by a leg kick. Gonzales attempts a take down as Yang gives up his back. Yang attempts to duck and roll. Gonzales is able to maintain position and just misses a rear naked choke as Yang is able to get out, Gonzales still has the back as he lands a few rights to the side of Yang’s head. Gonzales and Yang get back to their feet as Gonzales extends his left land as he pushes the head of Yang against the cage as he sizes him up for a straight right that is just missed. Gonzales suplex Yang. Both fighters back to their feet and Gonzales continues to control the cage positioning. Gonzales once again sizes up Yang as he pushes his head against the cage with his left and throws a straight right and connects with a right knee.

Round 1: Gonzales

Round 2: Yang with a right leg kick that stung the leg of Gonzales. Gonzales shoots in for the take down, gets it and quickly gets to the back of Yang and lands a few right hands to the side of the head of Yang. Yang is able to use the cage to get back to his feet. However, Gonzales still maintains the cage control. Yang is able to get off the cage back to the center. Again Gonzales is able to avoid shots and get the take down. Yang gives up his back as Gonzales is in side control as he lands a hard right hand to the ribs. Gonzales leg sweeps Yang back to the mat and quickly gets into a Kimura attempt, Yang is able to get out of it. Gonzales continues to control the top positioning as he’s in the guard of Yang. Ref stands up both fighters. Gonzales with another take down as he lands in the north and south position, the moves to side control. Gonzales is able to grab the arm of Yang into a Kimura. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: Maikel Gonzales (via submission kimura 4:12 in 2nd rd)

Seth Baczynski vs Jesse Taylor

Round 1: Taylor gets the first take down after he set it up with a low leg kick. Taylor gets the back of Baczynski gets both hooks in, however Baczynski is able to roll away. Taylor maintains positioning as he continues to work for the rear naked choke. Baczynski continues to survive as he avoids the submission attempts from Taylor. Baczynski rolls out of the submission attempt and gets back to his feet. Taylor once again is able to grab Baczynski’s back and gets both of his hooks back in. Taylor ends the round holding the back position.

Round 1: Taylor (10-8)

Round 2: Taylor gets the take down right away and moves into a guillotine attempt, Baczynski doing well at defending. Taylor transitions to the back and lands a few right hands to the head of Baczynski. Taylor lands 2 elbows from the guard. Baczynski continues to defend from his back, Taylor again from Baczynski guard lands 2 more elbows. Round ends like the first round with Taylor controlling the back of Baczynski.

Round 2: Taylor (10-8)

Round 3: Taylor shoots quickly in for a take down and able to get it. Baczynski gets top positioning in side control. Taylor attempts to roll away as Baczynski is able to get the back of Taylor; however, Taylor is just to strong and rolls over into top position. Ref stands up both fighters. Taylor shoots in and gets caught with an uppercut, but is able to go right through it to get the fight back down to the mat. Taylor pulls Backznski down from the back.

Round 3: Taylor (10-9)

Winner: Jesse Taylor (via unanimous decision 30-27 (2 judges), 30-25)

Andre Santos vs Marcos Gonzalez

Round 1: Gonzalez comes up and lands a good 1-2 combo that sends Santos back towards the cage. Gonzalez scores the take down and is just landing some vicious ground & pound. Santos is able to get back to his feet and reverse Gonzalez back up against the cage. Gonzalez and Santos are rotating each other off the cage. Ref separates the fighters, back to the center. Santos lands a right to the body and then a left cross to the head. Gonzalez stuns Santos with a left and Santos comes back with a knee to the body. Gonzales lands a left and Santos fires back with a right uppercut to the body of Gonzalez.  Once again both fighters exchange with Gonzalez getting the better of the exchanges.

Round 1: Gonzalez

Round 2: Santos lands a right hand. Gonzalez comes back with a wild flurry that lands a few shots and then scores the take down. Santos is able to get back to his feet as Gonzalez clinched on the cage and lands a few knees inside the clinch. One knee from Santos clips the cup of Gonzalez and the ref stops the contest for Gonzalez to recover and the ref deduct 1 pt. Santos with a hard right body kick. Santos lands a flying knee. Gonzalez fires back with a left kick to the body. Santos lands a hard right hand to the body and then a flying knee. Gonzalez tags Santos with a right hand and Santos comes back to land a right of his own that cuts the outside of the left eye of Gonzalez.

Round 2: Santos

Round 3: Gonzalez lands a knee to the body and then a left hook. Right hand landed by Gonzalez. Gonzalez lands a left followed with a straight right. Santos lands a high head kick that was partially blocked as Gonzalez goes back towards the cage. Santos with a right and then a front kick to the chest of Gonzalez. Gonzalez land a right upper cut. Santos with a right hook to the body that is followed with a left hook to the head of Gonzalez that lands flesh.

Round 3: Santos

Winner: DRAW (via draw 28-28: Santos was deducted a point in the 2nd rd, but still won rd 2 & 3)

Co Main Event

Jack May vs Tony Lopez

Round 1: May with a hard left leg kick to the right leg of Lopez. May lands a left and then a right cross that land as he pressures Lopez back towards the cage. May lands a left to the head in cage control. May lands a short elbow from inside the clinch. Ref separates the fighters off the cage back to the center. May lands a hard upper cut to the chest of Lopez and follows it up with a left hook. May hits a lunging left hook and then a straight right.

Round 1: May

Round 2: Lopez hits a side kick to the body of May. May clinched with Lopez against the cage and then disengages from the clinch as both fighters move back. May with a right hook to the body and then a left hook to the head followed with a straight right that sends Lopez back to the catch. May engages the clinch and then he disengages to move back to the center. May lands back to back left jabs.

Round 2: May

Round 3: May with a knee that finds a home on the chin of Lopez that stuns him for a second. Lopez lands a left leg kick to the right leg of May. May pushes forward as he lands another knee that sends Lopez back against the cage. Lopez is able to reverse off the cage, only for May to reverse off the cage as well. May lands a left hook and then a left kick to the body.

Round 3: May

Winner: Jack May (via unanimous decision 30-27 all judges)

Main Event

(155 lb title) Joe Stevenson vs Gabriel Miglioli

Round 1: Miglioli checks the distance with a left leg kick. Stevenson sets up a takedown attempt with a lunging left, Miglioli is able to defend. Miglioli lands a right hook as Stevenson shoots in, Stevenson picks up Miglioli and walks him from one end of the cage to the far side of the cage as he slams him to the mat. Miglioli tags Stevenson with a right as he smiles back. Miglioli with a hard right leg kick to the lead leg of Stevenson. Stevenson working the jab as he opens up a cut under the right eye of Miglioli.

Round 1: Stevenson

Round 2: Miglioli lands a right and then a left. Stevenson attempts at a takedown and its stuffed by Miglioli, but as he was backing away he took a right. Stevenson lands a counter left. Stevenson lands a right hand and then takes a right hand from Miglioli. Miglioli catches a leg kick from Stevenson and lands a straight right. Miglioli clips Stevenson as he’s moving away. Stevenson fires back as he lands a hard right hand. Miglioli lands a high right leg kick to the head of Stevenson as he shakes it off and pushes forward. Miglioli lands a hard leg kick to the left knee of Stevenson that looked to have hurt.

Round 2: Miglioli

Round 3: Stevenson comes out leading with the left jab as it’s still finding a home on Miglioli face. Stevenson shoots for a takedown, Miglioli sprawls as he’s able to defend the takedown. Stevenson is able to transition to the back of Miglioli, nothing comes from the position as both fighters separate from the cage. Miglioli lands an uppercut. Miglioli lands a high head kick and then a right. Stevenson attempts to shoot, Miglioli is able to stop the takedown and get the top position on Stevenson. Stevenson scores a takedown and lands a knee in the clinch.

Round 3: Stevenson

Winner: Joe Stevenson (via Unanimous Decision 30-27 (2 judges), 29-28)

*New TFE 155lb Lightweight Champion*

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