TFE: Fury Saturday March 25th,2017

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Tru Form Entertainment: Fury


The DuCross Brothers, March 21, 2017

Magic number is THREE because on Saturday March 25th,2017 Tru Form Entertainment will have Three titles on the line. Which have fans seeking out tickets for this event that is almost completely sold out. Sullivan IN brings the biggest crowd. Out of all the locations we promote. San Diego, Oceanside, Indianapolis, Anaheim, Illinois.

Anaheim: 900 attendance

Oceanside: 1656 attendance (No Presale)

Indiana: 1100 right now before Saturday and are still selling through tickets that they have left. ( PRESALE)

Special Guest in attendance “Smilin” Sam Alvey

Caleb Wainman vs Wade Collins (MAIN EVENT, TFE Light Heavyweight Title Defense)

Right off the bat the focus of “Fury” is that of the main event between two Indiana boys Caleb Wainman vs Wade Collins. One might think this is a rather one sided affair with the credentials behind Caleb Waiman who owns the GE Fights and TFE Light Heavyweight titles, a fighter that is currently ranked #2 in the light heavyweight division in Indiana. Caleb comes from a football background, golden gloves state runner up, a gold medal winter at hoosier open jiu jitsu tournament. Who started just for fun. March 25th, he will get to put his undefeated streak to the test in front of many friends and family that will be in attendance where he must look across the cage at Wade Collins.

Wade Collins has not had the typical run in the amateur ranks where he goes up and down with his weight between heavyweight and light heavyweight… (265 to 205) a cause for concern dropping weight like that could spell trouble for the young man. The scary thing about Wade is his power, he claims that he is going to take Caleb’s head off and he will be crowned the new TFE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP.


These two fighters in the state of Indiana are single handily having fight fans chomping at the bit for this light heavyweight battle.


Jonathan Griffin vs Nathan Adams 2!

After 4 years, the dust has settled. We will get the rematch that many have been waiting for since GE Fights. Jonathan Griffin vs Nathan Adams 2! Just hope we don’t have a Griffin vs Davis version 2.0 where they go through the cage door. These two men have unfinished business inside the cage after a doctor stoppage in fight #1 that really should not have been stopped gets a re-do. Griffin is coming off a lost against Zack Davis where he got KO’d in the second round, however Nathan Adams hasn’t fought in 4 years so how well prepared is he really for this against a man that has been very active heading into this fight. Nathan Adams joined the Military, where he has been for the last 7 years. He has since been out and now is fighting this Saturday.


The Sports Warriors: TFE Fury Predictions



Caleb Wainman vs Wade Collins

Winner: Caleb Wainman


Nathan Adams vs Jonathan Griffin

Winner: Nathan Adams

Tavae Lewis vs Cody Casner

Winner: Cody Casner


Craig Deighton vs Justin Potter

Winner: Justin Potter






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