TFE : Aniquilar

October 24, 2015

Oceanside, CA JR Seau Amphitheater


Main Card (Pros)

George Burton vs Ian Butler (Main Event)

Round 1: Butler comes on landing with a lead right and both fighters exchange leg kicks. Butler attempts a take down; however Burton is able to sprawl as he defends the take down attempt and is able to grapple to the cage. Butler lands an over hand right. Butler counters with a right leg kick and shoots in for another take down, but it’s stopped by Burton and both again grapple to the cage. Both fighters jock for positioning along the cage, Butler is able to secure a standing guillotine as he wraps his legs around the waist of Burton whose standing. Burton is doing a good job with the wrist control as he slams out of it. Butler is scrambling on his back and is able to grab the arm of Burton into an arm bar, again Burton is able to avoid the submission from the coaching in his corner from Joe Stevenson.  Burton moves to full mount towards the end of the round, Butler is able to scramble out.

Round 1: Ian Butler (10-9)

Round 2: Butler much like the 1st round comes out the aggressor as he lands a left kick to the liver. Both fighters grapple and push towards the cage. Burton was trying to push the head down of Butler against the cage that eventually saw Butler put his left hand down on the mat as Burton delivered an accidental knee to the head of Butler. Ref Mike Beltran stops the fight to assess the situation as he sends Burton to the neutral corner. Doctors come into the check on Ian Butler who was seen shaking his left arm, what look to be as if he was getting the blood flow back into his arm. Doctors call a stop to the fight. Ian Butler was unable to continue after suffering a neck stinger.

Decision: No Contest

  • Doctor’s stoppage at 1:05 into the 2nd round due to an accidental knee. After 2 round it’s ruled a no contest.


Jesse Cruz vs Sam Yang (Co-Main Event)

Round 1: Cruz taunts Yang in the karate kid stance at the start of the fight. Cruz comes out trying to establish the distance with his jab and scores the early take down. Yang is able to reverse and both are back to their feet. Cruz lands a right leg kick and scores a take down. Yang is able to grab Cruz’s head into a guillotine and pulls back as Cruz taps.

Winner: Sam Yang (1st rd via submission guillotine @ 1:40)


Andrew Lagdaan vs Casey Parlett

Round 1: Lagdaan tried early and often to use his leg kicks to fight the spacing. Parlett lands a leg kick that was countered by Lagdaan with a leg kick of his own. Lagdaan lands a hard right that sends Partlett to the mat as Lagdaan follows up with ground and pound landing vicious elbows. Ref Jason Herzog steps in and stops the fight.

Winner: Andrew Lagdaan (1st rd via KO Strikes @ 1:39)


Luke Faultersack vs Nick Pugh

Round 1: Pugh starts the fight over with a nice crisp left right combo. Faultersack lands a solid right leg kick. Faultersack scores a take down on Pugh. Pugh is able to scramble away only to get caught with 2 rights as both fighters get back up to their feet. Faultersack with another take down, Ref Beltran stands both fighters up as there was no work being down on the ground. Faultersack lands a up kick that sends Pugh crashing to the mat and Faultersack follows up with 3 elbows. Ref Beltran steps in and stops the fight.

Winner: Luke Faultersack (1st rd KO via strikes @ 1:32)


Jason Manley vs Ayat Shafizaheh

Round 1: Manley comes out right out of the gate scores an early take down. Manley is able to secure a full mount right away, Shafizaheh trying his best to avoid punishment as he’s trying to hold Manley and control his wrist. Manley finally is able to free himself up and starts to land vicious ground and pound. Manley is able to pin the right arm of Shafizaheh with his right leg on the bicep as he connects with a solid elbow. Manley moves into side control as he now has placed his right knee into the mid-section of Shafizaheh as he’s able to land more ground and pound. Manley slips over and is able to grab the arm of Shafizaheh where he secures the arm bar.

Winner: Jason Manley (1st rd via submission arm bar @ 4:49)


Prelims (Amatuer Fights)

Djavan Coleman defeats Johnny Souza (Unanimous decision)

Dillan Bartam defeats Cameron (Unanimous decision (30 -27 and 29-28)

Daniel Molina defeats Brian DeMint (Majority decision (28-28 and 29-28)

Christian Osuna defeats Wesliegh Lewis (Unanimous decision (30-26 and 29-28)