The Sports Warriors EP 62: New Royalty

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On 3.9.16 The Sports Warriors are back. On this episode the brothers will talk about what the entire world is talking about and that is the fall of Conor McGregor and Holly Holm at UFC 196. With those 2 losing, what’s next? Will the Conor McGregor be the same? Will Holy Holm be the same? These are just some of the questions that the brothers will discuss on the show.

The Sports Warriors will talk about Bellator 151, can Joe Warren come back after this latest setback? And what’s up next for Darrion Caldwell? In other news we have local MMA action coming from Tru Form Entertainment as they will showcase the up and coming stars on MMA in an amateur event.

Plus much more on this packed show, Paige VanZant takes her skills to the dance floor and one fighter released a heartfelt post to his fans about his future in MMA.

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