So this happened!!

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The DuCross Brothers are among this years’ victors and have been awarded:

Best Combat Sports Broadcasters 2019

Tristen and I (Shaun) would like to share this moment with all our family and friends. This is a big moment as we have been at this for 13 yrs and we grind every day because this is what we love to do. Well, today we won an award for Best Combat Sports Broadcasters in 2019.

I will start off by saying thank you to my lovely wife Fallen. Without her, the show as well as the journey into commentary.

Now from us, we would like to Thank David Bramlette and Lorenz Larkin for the continued trust as well as believing in our ability in general.

Thank you to our parents, who have seen our highs and our lows through the 13 yrs.

Thank you to our buddies at FightbookMMA and especially Roberto Villa for being our sounding board.

If we have missed anyone else, we are sorry but THANK YOU!!