Steve Osorsco (Founder of Smash Global) with Carlos Kremer (The Voice of San Diego MMA)


Welcome to The DuCross Brothers The Sports Warriors Steve Orosco.
The Sports Warriors: You just recently had a big event on August 1st at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego Gaslamp District called Smash Global, Did you reach and exceed all your expectations?

Steve Orosco: This is def a catch 22 type of questions. From an event and production standpoint I 100% reached and exceeded all expectations. The event was amazing. The fights were great, the silent auction did very well, the art on display looked great, the lighting and space at The Hard Rock Hotel was first class and the guests who attended were classy and sophisticated. The guests treated the fights like that of an Opera. A true performance. It wasn’t a barbaric display of human cock-fighting to them. 95% of the people in this crowd had never been to an MMA fight, so to watch these people in awe made me very happy. This was the class and sophistication I was hoping to bring to this sport. The catch 22 is the actual sales. It wasn’t easy to bring in a new demographic into this sport and make them pay $350 for all VIP access. I’m happy with the turnout and the reception, but like any event the goal is to SELL OUT. I am confident I will sell out the next show.

The Sports Warriors: Why “Smash Global” Why the name?

Steve Orosco: I chose smash global because my nick name as a pro fighter was hulk smash. If you check sherdog you will that.. I have always had that SMASH everything in life attitude. Smash Global was the perfect name.

The Sports Warriors: Will “Smash Global” Be based on local talent or will you go out to try to bring in names? Is it Pro/Am?

Steve Orosco: Smash Global will only be Pro. If I want to target the luxury based consumer I have to bring a first class experience. I will keep my roster based in California.

The Sports Warriors: Why “Black Tie” event, sounds similar to metamoris just MMA version. Safe comparison?

Steve Orosco: Black tie events represent exclusivity and elegance. Coming to a fight in a tux and gown add a different level of sophistication that you will not find at any other MMA venue. Metamoris may be great for the BJJ community, but if you don’t grapple then you won’t understand what is going on and as a result you will be bored. Fighting is the highest level of excitement one can get from a sporting event.

The Sports Warriors: If you just narrow it down to just that type of event, how big can “Smash Global” actually get? Because you don’t hear too much about Metamoris unless you’re in that inner circle.

Steve Orosco: Smash Global will be back either mid Nov before the holidays or mid Jan right after. The 2nd event needs to be planned and promoted properly, so I do not want to rush it. I need time to edit all this content and pitch to potential sponsors/partners.

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