Showdown in the I.E.

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I.E. Fight Night: Showdown


May 13,2018


I.E. Fight Night returned to Ontario, California at the California Education Performing Arts Center on Saturday night with “Showdown”. The show was another on loaded from top to bottom with 15 fights on the card and just like many amateur mma cards fighters fall off, it is always hard to find replacements at the last minute. On this card three fighters took last minute fights because they wanted to fight for Lorenz Larkin and David Bramlette (Christoph fluke, Sean Horner all took fights on two weeks’ notice) Cameron Brewer took a fight on 4 hours’ notice.

For the first time calling fights being a part of I.E. Fight Night this event had twist and turns that no one could have predicted from judges scoring, to an almost brawl in the cage. These pass weeks in the mma community hasn’t been the best in those areas from King of The Cage incident at Viejas in San Diego, UFC 224 and now at I.E. Fight Night. Something must turn around for the sport we all love, take care of this cannot continue.

On this card I.E. Fight night had a stellar card that had 5-woman fights, 10 women stepped into the cage to square off and boy they didn’t disappoint. The first women to step inside the cage with the door shut behind them was a solid matchup between Nadine Mandiau vs Scarlette Flores that saw two BJJ girls elect to stand up to put a show for the fans, setting the tone for the rest of the women on the card. Both girls came out with bad intentions trading often until round 3 Flores looked to be on her way to a victory with her grappling which looked to take the wind out of her sells after the second when she came out for the third and final round, flores looked fatigued which led to Nadine being able to land a left right combo that put flores down to the mat for good. Nadine can be a force as she continues to grow inside the cage, with her stand up. Scary

The next three fights that saw Brittney Hoover vs Shaquita Woods, Sara Pierotti vs Ashley Fernandez, Mika Carpenter vs Loveth Young and Dana Hernandez vs Justine Ronas. Shaquita Woods is a name everyone should take notice of because she has heavy hands, great striking which she showed with a 7 second KO! Something interesting about these match ups that saw Pierotti over come at least 4 eyes to both eyes where at times you could see the pain on her face, see how uncomfortable it was but she got “W” in her debut. The women’s fight that had people talking about was Mika Carpenter who trains with Angela Lee from ONE FC took on Loveth Young, I’m not sure how I felt about this match up because the minute young walked out everyone around us immediately thought no way this is an amateur fighter even though the record indicated that she was. Rumors swirled around Young that he was a Kickboxing world champ, had a ton of fights as a kickboxer fought for unsanctioned promotions.  This is where amateur mma needs to be fixed.


Out of 15 fights 9 were finishes incredible fashion, Joey Beatriz head kick KO to the 7 second KO from the Woods. Incredible night of action from another steller card put on by Lorenz Larkin and David Bramlette. Next show is July 28th, 2018 titled “Engaged” be sure to be on the lookout for ticket information and if you want to be on this card get at Lorenz Larkin or David Bramlette.


Adryen Spinks vs Dennis Rameriz (Winner: Spinks via decision 30-26,30-27,30-27)

Kevin Gomez vs Jesse Larionoff (Winner: Larionoff via TKO 1st Round)

Jorge Coronel vs Sean Horner (Winner: Coronel via TKO 2nd Round)

Allen Brock vs Joey Beatriz (Winner: Beatriz via TKO 2nd Round)

Scarlette Flores vs Nadine Mandiau (Winner: Mandiau via TKO 3rd Round)

Ricardo Arellano vs Ian Quinto (Winner: Arellano via TKO 3rd Round)

David Zelner vs Cameron Brewer (Winner: Zelner via TKO 1st Round)

Brittney Hoover vs Shaquita Woods (Winner: Woods via TKO 1st Round, 7 SECONDS)

Derrick Jones vs Austin Holt (Winner: Jones via decision 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27)

Beau Brooks vs Edgar Martinez (Winner: Brooks via submission 2nd Round)

Sara Pieortti vs Ashley Fernandez (Winner: Pieortti via decision 29-28,29-28-29-28)

Michael Navarro vs Chris Fluke (MAJORITY DRAW)- Fluke should protest this lost

Dana Hernandez vs Justine Ronas (Winner: Ronas via Decision 30-27)

Loveth Young vs Mika Carpenter (Winner: Young via TKO 2nd Round)

Alexander Cruz vs Conor Barrett (Winner: Cruz via TKO 1st Round)




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