RizeFC Brawl!

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so over the weekend Rize FC a Florida base promotion held a fight Card that resulted In a brawl. it was during the Hernandez fight that apparently wasn’t going the way they thought it should have been. At this point a woman threw a hookah over in a direction of a fan in attendance that hit the fan. coach John Rivera who was a judge tried to restrain one person bY pinning him up against a wall thinking that he had help from police instead it turned out to be Just security that saw one of them struggling to get the lazer out. A fan threw a chair which in the Video you can see it.

we as an mma community have to be better! Regardless if your an Amateur or a Pro. You, your team and friends etc need to be held to a professional standard.

All fans in attendance if alcohol to sold should be stopped at some point. Also a fan was able to get in the building with a firearm, this Should never be allowed tohappen as well especially when you fire it UP In the air! some one could have gotten seriously injured.


pictures of coach Rivera can be seen on his Instagram.

@ Johnthemusclebotrivera