Review on Elite Sports Shin guards

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January 4th,2019

By Tristen DuCross


Review on Elite Sports Shin guards


               The Sports Warriors Shaun and Tristen DuCross took a drive out to Threshold HQ located in Ontario California. We delivered a pair of Elite Sports Shin Guards to a female fighter Dana Hernandez (Rojas) who is preparing for her biggest fight of her amateur career at IE Fight Night: Endeavor, she fights for the IE Fight Night 115 title.

               Most amateur fighters don’t get paid much, work side jobs to continue to provide for their families to advance into the fight game as a professional. To The DuCross Brothers it was important that we were able to create a relationship with Elite Sports and give back to these fighters.

               When The DuCross Brothers received the product, we were able to feel right off the bat the quality of the pads. They were by far, if not one of the best feeling pads that we have felt when dealing with fighters especially in amateurs who don’t get the greatest equipment heading into fights.  They were light, fit as they should, hug the shin very well. We showed up at Threshold HQ gave them to Bobby Sanchez and Dana Hernandez (Rojas) both were immediately shocked at how they felt in their hands, considering Bobby Sanchez who’s the lead trainer at Threshold HQ has ordered plenty of shin pads for his fighters. Bobby said, “These pads are legit, they felt like a Muay Thai training pad” which if you know are bulky, thick leg pads.

               Once Dana put on the pads to get ready for a light sparing session with her trainer, she couldn’t believe how light they were and that they fit well like as if she wasn’t wearing any padding on her legs. Even during the sparing session when she was throwing kicks, trainer Bobby Sanchez took a hard body kick, we stopped the sparing session to ask him what he thought after taking a solid kick with the shin pads. He was shocked that the protection of the pad was good, just another positive element to these pads.

 In the end, any amateur fighter or Pro Fighter should be wearing Elite Shin guards while training. For amateur fighters who are getting ring time, stepping in the cage where it is mandatory for them to where shin pads, they should take a long look at Elite Sports.


Product reviewed:

Elite Sports Standard Shin Guards Gray (SM) $29.99

star: ****

Design: ****

Fit: ****



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