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The partnership with Elite Sports Company continues to grow as we headed out to Ontario, CA back to Threshold MMA Headquarters where we met with MMA Fighter/Trainer Bobby Sanchez to test out the Elite Sports Company Boxing gloves.

As we gave the gloves to Bobby, I asked for the immediate reaction just off feel and look. Two things popped out to him right away was how light the gloves were and the wrap around the wrist. Shaun and I (Tristen) had already tried the product felt the same way but, we also liked the fact the thumb pad was not big and bulky like other gloves. (Bobby showed us several boxing gloves that he had at the gym, we noticed a big difference between those and Elite)

We then get into the cage for some bag work with Bobby Sanchez. As Bobby is using the heavy bag mid work he stops, looks at us says “I don’t need hand wraps”
After minutes working out with the gloves, using them without hand wraps you can listen to the videos below about what he had to say about the gloves while he was using them without hand wraps underneath.

Overall: Another product that has met or exceeded the expectations from The DuCross Brothers and our current working relationship with Threshold MMA Headquarters.

Rating: **** ½

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