Recap from Archangel MMA last Night.. Results plus a little something extra

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Archangel MMA
Vista, CA Jan. 26, 2015

Archangel MMA is a new amateur upstart mma organization. Last night Archangel celebrated its 1 year anniversary, it was their 5th show. The fight card was put together by one of the best if not the best match maker in San Diego county Heather Hyatt, Archangel MMA is lucky to have her on board. Some exciting fights and some not so much, the event was scheduled to have 13 fights but just like amateur mma that shrink relatively quick come fight time it was down to 9 fights. One fight Paul Sample and Corvan Allen had a late change as Christian Leon was orginally scheduled for the fight but to due to other obligations he couldn’t fight on the card insert Paul Sample a fight that was made at weigh ins. Archangel MMA has a unique feel that could be both good or bad depending on how you look at it. Archangel MMA is held in a warehouse in Vista, CA…Vista, CA! A place that is not use to having MMA in their backyard. The casual fight fans don’t seem to be in Vista or San Marcos area at least not as this time. So, they need to pull from Escondido, Temecula….areas to garner interest. It will take a little time to grow this promotion but, has great people behind this brand. Heather Hyatt best match maker in the business, Harvey Castellano Social Media, Big T owner. Overall great night, great people. Just need more support to help them flourish into something great for the city of Vista/San Marcos area.
Every one should be excited about the future as they also joined forces with a new app for your phone be it Iphone or Android called Hang W/ (hang with) where they broadcast behind the scenes and the fights live on the app becoming the first amateur mma event to do so.
Download App on itunes or your google play store Hang W/ and follow ArchangelMMA
Next Event is scheduled 3.21.2015 in Vista, CA at Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club, Get your tickets now at


Chris Carradus (4-2) VS Antonio Lopez (3-1)
Round 1: Both fighters come out aggressive, Lopez lands a outside leg kick to the left leg of Carradus. Carradus is grinding against the cage and lands a couple knees in the clinch. Lopez attempts a takedown after he catches a front kick from Carradus. Lopez scores a takedown and then a scramble almost turned into a gulliotine. Carradus is starting to mix it up with his kicks. Lopez lands a left that connects and follows back with another left.
Round 1: Antonio Lopez
Round 2: Carradus comes out trying to find his range with his jab. Lopez unloads upagainst the cage on Carradus with left and rights, as Carradus tries to clinch and lands a knee inside. Lopez is working for another takedown as Carradus works to avoid the take down and both fighters back to the center. Lopez whips a kick to Carradus outside left leg. Lopez clips Carradus with a over hand right.
Round 2: Antonio Lopez
Round 3: Lopez scores a take down early into the round, but Carradus was able to walk the cage back up. Lopez is able to score a take down again and land some clean punches while he had Carradus back. Both fighters break apart and as they do Lopez connects with a left. Carradus lands a sold knee. Carradus lands a right hand. Lopez scores a take down and is able to get Carradus back at the end of the fight as he again hit punches from the top.
Round 3: Antonio Lopez
Winner: Antonio Lopez via Split Decision (30-27 Lopez, 30-27 Carradus, 29-28 Lopez)

Christian Griffith (0-0) VS Santino (Sonny) Ashton (0-0)
Round 1: Both fighters come out aggressive and Griffith scores the takedown and quickly gets Ashton’s back. Ashton is able to scramble back up to his feet as he voided a near submission attempt. Ashton scores a takedown of his own and throws a punch straight down and Griffith gets a near arm bar, but Ashton is able to get out of it and then he just rained punches down as Griffith just protected himself as the ref calls a stop to the fight.
Winner: Sonny Ashton (1:59 in 1st RD via TKO)

Dylan Barrales (0-0) VS Lonnie Huey (1-0)
Round 1: Barrales comes out pushing forward and scores a take down to start the fight, Huey is able to walk back up the cage and get back to his feet. They grapple towards the far side of the cage. Barrales is able to score another take down and is able to get Huey’s back and flattens Huey out, but Huey is able to hold on.
Round 1: Dylan Barrales
Round 2: Huey hits a inside leg kick on Barrales, but Barrales scores another take down on Huey, but Huey is connecting with punches to the ribs of Barrales as Barrales continues to hold told position.
Round 2: Dylan Barrales
Round 3: Barrales comes out with a inside leg kick and Barrales is able to shoot in and get Huey back to the cage. Barrales is landing knees to the inner thigh of Huey and pulls Huey down to the mat.
Round 3: Dylan Barrales
Winner: Dylan Barrales via Unanimous Decision (29-28 All the Judges)

John (J.W.) Lee (3-4-1) VS Kyle Estrada (3-2)
Round 1: Estrada comes out and throws a kick that is caught by Lee; however Estrada is able to land clean shots to Lee as Lee held on to his leg. Estrada lands a high leg kick that was partially blocked by Lee and then followed up with a left and right combo. Lee hits a knee to the chest of Estrada and as he backed off Estrada lands a left hook. Estrada hits a left uppercut near the eye of Lee that sent him down to the mat. Ref stops the fight.
Winner: Kyle Estrada (2:18 via 1st RD TKO)

Michael Thomas (2-2) VS Patrick Becker (2-0)
Round 1: Thomas asorbs a kick from Becker and pushes him towards the cage. Becker is able to reserve off the cage and both fighters back to the center. Thomas lands a hard body kick to Becker. Thomas with another solid leg kick to the outside leg of Becker and lands a inside leg kick. Becker goes for a spinning back kick and it’s caught by Thomas who scores a take down.
Round 1: Michael Thomas
Round 2: Thomas comes out and throws another body kick to which he follows in with a shoot attempt that is blocked by Becker. Then Becker is able to score a take down of his own and is working to pass Thomas’ guard. Becker postures up which allows Thomas to get back to his feet and score a take down at the end of the round.
Round 2: Michael Thomas
Round 3: Becker shoots for a take down attempt right away, but a sprawl by Thomas helps him avoid the takedown in which lands elbows to the ribs of Becker. Then scores a take down and gets the back of Becker and gets the body scissors in and then gets his forearm around the neck of Becker and pulls back. Ref calls a stop via neck crank.
Winner: Michael Thomas (:49 secs in 3rd RD via submission Neck Crank)

Jesse Cervantes (0-0) VS Adam Villegas (1-0)
Round 1: Villegas comes out throwing some low leg kicks. Cervantes is able to get Villegas against the cage and Villegas is able to reverse Cervantes up against the cage and hits knees to the thigh of Cervantes. Villegas finishes the round as both fighters exchanged a flurry.
Round 1: Adam Villegas
Round 2: Villegas comes out and hits 2 inside leg kicks to Cervantes. Cervantes hits a right that rocks Villegas a little bit and Villegas fires back. Cervantes pushes back forward just throwing haymakers. Cervantes lands a straight right and then follows it up with a left. Villegas is able to finish the round with cage control.
Round 2: Jesse Cervantes
Round 3: Villegas comes out throwing leg kicks again as he tries to find his distance, but Cervantes pushes foward as he finds the distance using his jab. Villegas throws a high leg kick that catches Cervantes and Cervantes comes back with a over hand right that connects. Cervantes lands a hard body kick.
Round 3: Jesse Cervantes
Winner: Jesse Cervantes Via Unanimous Decision (29-28 All Judges)

Paul Sample (0-1) VS Corvan Allen (3-2)
Round 1: These two guys come out fast and furious. Allen is able to push the fight to the cage and get control over Sample. Allen connecting with punches inside the clinch on the cage. Allen is able to score a take down at the end of the round, but Sample is able to pop back up at the end.
Round 1: Corvan Allen
Round 2: Allen pressures the fight and is able to get Sample to the cage. Ref separates both fighters and they move back to the center. Sample scores a good take down and then get both fights back up to the feet. But Allen scores a takedown.
Round 2: Corvan Allen
Round 3: Allen comes out and hits a lead leg kick to Sample, Sample comes back and fires off a right. Allen lands another solid kick to Sample’s thigh and uses it to help him push Sample to the cage as he’s able to get cage control. Allen with another take down into side control.
Round 3: Corvan Allen
Winner: Corvan Allen Via Split Decision (29-28 Allen, 28-29 Sample, 29-28 Allen)

Kirby McKenzie (1-2) VS Lafonte’ Smith (2-1)
Round 1: McKenzie scores a big take down to start the round and work to pass guard to move into side control. Smith is able to use the cage to get back to his feet, only for McKenzie to score another take down. McKenzie folds Smith up and drops punches down . He’s able to secure Smith’s back and lock in the rear naked choke.
Winner: Kirby McKenzie (2:31 1st RD via Submission Rear Naked Choke)

Sebastain Covarrubias (1-0) VS Hakob Ter-Petrosyan (3-1) *for the 185 Middleweight Title Archangel MMA title*
Round 1: Covarrubias knocked Petrosyan down, but Petrosyan is able to lock in a ankle lock that lasted the entire round.
Round 1: Sebastain Coverrubias
Round 2: Petrosyan scores a take down, but Covarrubias is able to scramble and reverse the takedown and get to the top position, but Petrosyan reverses and get top position.
Round 2: Hakob Ter Petrosyan
Round 3: Petrosyan lands a hard leg kick and another one. Covarrubias shoots in for the take down and Petrosyan is able to sprawl to avoid. Petrosyan lands another leg kick and scores a takedown. Ref stands both fighters back up as Petrosyan just lays on top.
Round 3: Hakob Ter Petrosyan
Winner: Hakob Ter Petrosyan (Via Unanimous Decision 30-28, 30-27, 30-27)