Official UFC 249 Results

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UFC 249 Official Results


Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje — Interim lightweight title

RD 1:

Both fighters come out touch gloves. a feeling out process by both. Justin just misses a leg kick, Tony fainting early to see which side hes going to come in on. Tony standing unorthdox , Justin misses a left hook. Justin doing some level changes low kick to head with the right hand.

Tony inside leg kick takes the leg out of justin but he is back up. Justin throwing the left hook with  vegenence and just missing a clean shot. Tony going with the leg kicks. Tony lands his own left that stops Justin in his tracks.

Tony lands a high head kick followed it up a right straight down the pipe. Both fights uses level changes. Tony just missed the right.

Inside leg kick by Justin, Tony comes in a eats a solid right jab from Justin. Tony using now the high head kicks which is the second time. Justin is looking sharp with his striking, Tony looks to be developing a hemotoma on the forehead. Justin catches Tony with an eye poke but wasn’t caught

Round 1: Justin Gaethje

RD 2:

Tony comes with a superman punch that lands but so, did justin with a right on the chin.  Justin lands another solid left hook to Tony. Both men throw wild but nothing lands. Justin is now closing the distance just misses an overhand right that clips tony, now throwing calf kicks to the lead leg of Tony.

Tony looking to try and close the distnace to get inside which isn’t where he wants to be. Tony lands a leg kick on the lead leg of Gaehje, Justin getting more comfortable, Tony trys for a spinning back elbow. Tony now trying to throw volume from different angle as the pace continues to pick up.

Justin just missing the left hook. Right Hand lands and just misses the left again. Tony goes 1/2 . Tony lands a gnarly uppercut at the end of the round.

Round 2: Tony Ferguson


Justin comes in with a low jab. Tony moving forward and continues to try connecting with exchanges from different angles. Tony’s eyes are both battered, his right eye is shutting. Justin hits Tony with a Right that stuns Tony moving him back to the cage, justin getting reckless here. Tony tells Justin to come on as he eats another left.

Tony is getting beat up right  now but, is justin starting to slow down. Tony just missed a left and Justin misses a right hand. Justin starting to fatigue here and Tony does a sweep leg kick. Justin lands a head kick and Tony just takes it, walks through it. NO WONDER WHY HES THE BOOGEYMAN!

Round 3: Justin Gaethje

RD 4:

Justin starts with a inside leg kick. Tony switching stances. Tony gets off a leg kick to the outside leg, continues to change levels, just missed a head kick. Justin lands a right, Tony goes low with a jab to the thigh. Justin lands a leg kick and takes a Tony Ferguson right.  Another left hand from Justin that doesn’t miss, Justin corners yells take some off.

Tony front kick to the chest, jab to the thigh. Justin does his best version of the mike tyson bob and weave. Justin smells blood in the water and starts chasing Tony after he stunned him with a right.

Tony does a spin, standing in front of Justin. Justin is now timing his right over the top of the left shoulder of Tony.  Tony cup checks Justin.

Tony goes to the body with the left, Justin blocks the left twice. Tony goes left to the body, then left to the thigh. Justin is beating up the legs of Tony now.

Justin goes for a head kick so, does Tony. The round ends.

Round 4: Justin Gaethje

RD 5:

Justin’s corner asks him to get reckless, justin responds with I know “Twice”. Justin comes with a combo of left right to the head. No question Tony is a warrior. Another right left combo staggers Tony to the cage again.  Jab from justin makes tony jab step backwards. ..Tony throws right but eats a left from Justin. Justin lands a left and then gives Tony a shove to the cage.  Right Left combo stuns him again.

Ref comes in and stops the fight!

Final Verdict: Justin Gaethje wins via TKO #ANDNEW!!!!! INTERIM LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION

Henry Cejudo (c) vs. Dominick Cruz — Bantamweight title

RD 1:

Dom comes out vintage way bouncing around the cage getting his legs under him. Cejudo throws a leg kick early.  Faints from Dom but no action yet from him. Cejudo thorws another leg kick that lands on the thigh of Cruz. Cruz changing levels throws a 1-2 but doesn’t come close. Cejudo continues to go after the legs attempting to slow cruz down.  Cejudo faints a level change and dom goes high. Cejudo catches the leg kick of cruz and dumps cruz to the mat. Good scramble by dom to get this fight back to the feet. Dom’s legs are getting eaten up right now with bad intentions.

Dom trying to avoid the leg kicks from Cejudo, Cruz lands a body shot but bounces out. Cejudo body, head combo that pushes Cruz to the cage. Inside leg kick by Cejudo which seems to be the game plane early from Cejudo. Cejudo chopping at the legs, Cruz trying to walk Cejudo back to the cage but just can’t.

Round 1: Cejudo

RD 2:

Cruz comes out bouncing around using his footwork following up the faints. Cejudo lands two inside leg kicks. Cruz connects on the calf of Cejudo. Cruz just misses with the left but catches Cejudo with the right. Cejudo lands a partial right on cruz. Cejudo just missed a high head kick.

Cruz stops a level change of Cejudo, Cejudo faints follows with a left behind it. Cruz lands a nice right to the body, eats a left inside leg kick but comes out with a flurry starting to find his reach.  Heavy leather being thrown around by both men who are starting to catch it.

Cruz goes for a clinch but bounces out of it. Cejudo bails on a take down.  Cruz getting in and out, goes for a single but changes mind and comes up with a solid left.

Clash of heads opens up a wound on Cejudo. Lead by Cejudo which was accidental ( Cut is in the hair line). Body Kick to Cejudo, drops Cruz with a knee and Cejudo jumps on him to ground and pound. Seems to be an early stoppage.


Final Verdict: Cejudo via Ref Stoppage and then announces his retirement


Francis Ngannou vs. Jair Rozenstruik — Heavyweights

RD 1:

Rozenstruik comes out with two early inside leg kicks.. Ngannou throws lead jabs misses two left right over the head and then hits with a left hook on the chin and that’s all for this fight.

Final Verdict: Ngannou via KO (.20 seconds 1st round Strikes)

Calvin Kattar vs. Jeremy Stephens — Featherweights

*Jeremy Stephens: missed weight 4.5 pounds, forfeit 30% of his purse*

RD 1:

Kattar is able to do a left, right upper cut with Stephens had tried to land a few times now going with the left jab. Stephens switching up the footwork going with a low leg kick which a lot fighters have used tonight. a Right hook to the body from Stephens. Kattar just misses a left that goes right over the top of Stephen’s head.

Stephens is pushing the fight, leg kicks from both fighters as they come together. Stephens with agood right hand to kattar, Kattar returns with a left to the jaw that kinda stunned stephens.

Stephens lands a low kick  to the lead leg of Kattar, now having a hard time with it.  Huge right from Kattar that staggers Stephens back to the cage. Kattar starting to let his hands good, goes for a body kick but catches the kick.  Both exchange a fury to close out the round.

Round 1: Stephens

RD 2:

Both fighters come back out with leg kicks. Stephens is able to slip a right hand through the guard of  Kattar but is able to shake it off. Kattar using the stephens upper cut leading it with the left and fainting with the uppercut.  Stephens still trying to chop at the leg of Kattar while Kattar returns the favor and the let leg is down. Kattar lands a hard right elbow drops stephens and then pounces on with a left elbow to close it out with a nasty gash!

Final Verdict: Kattar via KO (Elbow)

Greg Hardy vs. Yorgan de Castro — Heavyweights

RD 1:

Greg Hardy comes in as the favorite and comes out with a lead kick. de Castro throwing bombs but is followed up with a counter right hand from hardy. Hardy is coming strong instead of leading with his jab since he is the bigger fighter. Hardy popping the jab out there gauging the distance. Hardy coming in a little reckless, low kick from de Castro which Hardy returns fire with a high head kick attempt.

Low kick from Hardy, Hardy drops his hands but is able to get them back up quickly as de Castro throws a flurry. de Castro stung Hardy with a right hand  then goes low with a kick, trying to chop the legs down of the bigger man.

Heavy exchange against the cage from both men throwing leather, and sneaks in a front kick. Not a lot of damage during that exchange.

Round 1: Hardy

RD 2:

Hardy and De Castro come out touches gloves, Low leg kick from Hardy right on the calf. Yorgan bull rushes Hardy back to the cage but doesn’t do anything. De Castro’s technique seems to be the key right now in this fight. The left lead leg of Hardy is getting beat up, the marks are starting to show on the leg.  De Castro is now checking the leg kick from Hardy. Hardy starting to breath heavy out of his mouth with part of the mouth guard hanging out.  Hardy lands a power leg kick that makes De Castro back up a bit, Hardy still trying lead with the jab fainting coming in on De Castro.

Hard more active in the later round as he stalks De Castro around the cage, De Castro might have heart his foot on one of the leg kicks.

Round 2: Hardy

RD 3:

Both fighters just went around everyone to give each other knuckles. Hardy comes out with a big right hand, we know De Castro has a chin. Castro doesn’t look tired at all at this point. De Castro still working on the low leg kicks that are connecting behind the back of the left leg of hardy.

De Castro slips and falls down on the mat, corner wants him to get up but Hardy is staying engaged so he is not allowing him to get back up.

Herb Dean stands up De Castro, backs up Hardy. Hardy pushing forward and no return from De Castro. This round seems to be all Hardy. Hardy putting stuff out there and keeping the pace, Hardy the more active fighter in this round.


Round 3: Hardy

Final Verdict: Greg Hardy via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)


Anthony Pettis def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Aleksei Oleinik def. Fabricio Werdum via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Carla Esparza def. Michelle Waterson via split decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28)
Vicente Luque def. Niko Price via third-round TKO (doctor stoppage)
Bryce Mitchell def. Charles Rosa via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-24)
Ryan Spann def. Sam Alvey via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)