Official Bellator 132 Results : Pitbull vs Straus

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BMMA_LogoBellator MMA 132
Pechanga Resort and Casino, Temecula CA Jan 16, 2014

Temecula, CA – Bellator 132 took place Friday night featuring Pitbull vs Straus to kick off the new year for the promotion. The show was another great production at Pechanga Resort and Casino. This was the first fight for the company officially under the new direction of Scott Coker, long gone are the days of the tournament style fighting and in are the new feature bouts style.

In the main event Daniel Straus came out as the aggressor and controlled the center of the cage early in the fight. Daniel Straus was using his reach and strength to control the fight, however it looked like Patricio Pitbull was just to fast as the fight went out for Daniel Straus. Both fighters had there share of roughness in the fight as there were several times both fighters had dirty actions whether it was a “cup check” or a poke to the eyes. Ultimately Patricio Pitbull was just like a Pitbull as he was relentless and was able to secure Straus back and lock in a rear naked choke.

Also the Inland Empire came to fight last night as they went 5-1, the notable wins for the Inland Empire was Virgil Zwicker who improves to 5-4 in Bellator and Fernando Gonzalez improves to 3-0 in Bellator.

Main Card Results (Live on Spike TV, Jan 16, 2014)

Fernando Gonzalez (22-13) vs Marius Zaromskis (20-8)
Round 1:  Zaromskis comes out as the aggressor and just misses a high leg kick. Gonzalez comes back as he stands toe to toe with Zaromskis as both fighters exchange in the middle. Zaromskis lands a hard body kick, but Gonzalez follows up with a left uppercut to the body. Gonzalez locks in a guillotine choke from the standing position, but let’s go. Both fighters continue to exchange. Zaromskis lands a knee to the face of Gonzalez while in the clinch. Gonzalez rocks Zaromskis with a left. Both fighters continue to fight at a fast pace.
Fernando Gonzalez
Round 2:  Zaromskis comes out to start the round and lands a right body kick to start the round. Gonzalez comes back with a kick of his own that lands as he continues to walk forward. Gonzalez lands 2 knees to Zaromskis face from inside the clinch. Zaromskis lands a jumping knee that connects to Gonzalez. Gonzalez lands a hard push kick and Zaromskis lands a hard leg kick to the left leg of Gonzalez. Gonzalez connects with a left to the body and then is able to take Zaromskis back towards the end of the round.
Fernando Gonzalez
Round 3:  Gonzalez comes out again this round much of the same, continuing his boxing clinic on Zaromskis. Zaromskis tries for a high leg kick that is blocked and grabbed by Gonzalez and pushes Zaromskis towards the cage and tries for his back. But Zaromskis is able to escape and back to the middle and Zaromskis attempts the jumping knee that is missed. Zaromskis starts to push back a little more towards the end of the round as he lands a leg kick to the left leg. Zaromskis scores a take down towards the end of the round.
Fernando Gonzalez
Winner: Fernando Gonzalez via Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Judges)

Virgil Zwicker (12-4-1) vs Houston Alexander (16-10-1)
Round 1:  Both fighters come out in a feeling out process. Alexander is able to score the first take down of the night, however Zwicker is able to push himself back towards the cage as he sits up against the cage. Zwicker just about gets up, but Alexander is able to pull him back down to the mat. Zwicker is able to get back to his feet, but Alexander caught him with a knee that creates a cut over the left eye of Zwicker. Zwicker lands a hard right that rocks Alexander and then hits a knee in the clinch as the round comes to a close.
Houston Alexander
Round 2:  Alexander connects with a right to the body of Zwicker. Zwicker lands a nice straight right over the top. Zwicker catches Alexander with a right uppercut that rocks Alexander and then nails a jumping knee, that allows Zwicker to score a takedown. Zwicker rains down elbows on some vicious ground and pound. Alexander goes to get up and gets nailed with an uppercut. Zwicker slipped on a lugging punch as Alexander is able to score a takedown, Zwicker works his way back towards the cage .
Virgil Zwicker
Round 3:  Alexander hits a left right body combo. Zwicker connects with a right low leg kick to Alexander’s left leg. Zwicker nails a stiff jab. Zwicker eats a right from Alexander only to come back and hit a left uppercut followed by an over hand right. Zwicker lands another right. Zwicker lands a hard body kick. Alexander rocks Zwicker with a right, Zwicker jumps back up and pushes towards the cage and both fighters exchange up against the cage. Zwicker rocks Alexander with a right and an uppercut. Zwicker nailed a knee in the clinch as Alexander lands a hard right as the round comes to a close.
Virgil Zwicker
Winner: Virgil Zwicker  via Split Decision (29-28 Zwicker, 30-27 Alexander, 29-28 Zwicker)

Bubba Jenkins (8-1) vs Georgi Karakhanyan (23-4-1)
Round 1:  Jenkins catches a leg kick attempt from Karakhayan and picks him up only to drop him on his back. However Karakhanyan as able to hold on and maintain position as he locks in a guillotine, but Jenkins is able to flip out of it and get back to his feet. Jenkins goes for a shoot only to get caught in a guillotine and Karakhayan locks it in tight. Jenkins goes limp and its over.
Winner: Georgi Karakhanyan 1st RD @ 1:49 via Submission Guillotine
Karakhanyan Quote: “ know this is a business, but I just have that Russian mentality. You don’t talk about family. At the end of the day I like the kid (Jenkins). I’ve trained with him in the past, and I’d train with him in the future. I’m very excited that I’m getting a title shot.  I’d love to fight Patricio and get my revenge, but we’ll see if he can get past Straus.”

*Karakhanyan gets the winner of Winner of Pitbull vs Straus. Announced by Scott Coker

Patricio Pitbull (22-2) vs Daniel Straus (22-5)
Round 1:  Straus comes out as the aggressor with a high left leg kick that is blocked by Pitbull. Pitbull hits a low left leg kick to Straus’ lead leg. Straus hits a lead jab. Straus pushes forward trying to land a combination and is able to get Pitbull back to the cage. Pitbull is able to get away and get back to the middle. Pitbull hits a hard leg kick to the inside of Straus left leg. Pitbull hits a left to the body. Straus lands a left body kick and then backs Pitbull up on the cage as he unloads on Pitbull with a combination as they both exchange and get back to the middle. Pitbull is able to sprawl and avoid the take down. Pitbull unloads a flurry of his own on Straus as both fighters again exchange.
Daniel Straus
Round 2:  Pitbull comes out this round with a right body kick. Straus hits a right and tries to follow up with a body kick. Pitbull attempts a shoot at a take down and gets caught with a left hook. Pitbull catches Straus with a right that backs up Straus a bit. Pitbull sprawls avoids a take down attempt and shrugs off Straus, that allows Pitbull to get to the front of Straus as both fighters get back to there feet, but only for Straus to score a take down, but Pitbull is able to get back to his feet. Pitbull avoids a take down attempt and uses his weight to put Straus down to the mat.
Patricio Pitbull
Round 3: Pitbull hits a low leg kick to Straus left kick that is checked. Straus lands a right and follows up with a left hand. Front kick by Straus. Straus lands a left kick to the right side of Pitbull. Pitbull sprawls to avoid a takedown attempt and is able to get position on Straus, Pitbull went for a heel hook but Straus is able to pull away and get back to his feet.
Daniel Straus
Round 4:  Straus comes out and controls the center again. Pitbull hits a left hook, Straus follows up with a flurry that misses as he shoots for a take down that is blocked by Pitbull and reversed up against the cage as Pitbull has positioning, but Straus is about to unleash a flurry and connects with a knee to Pitbull. Straus sends Pitbull to the mat with a straight left and Pitbull is able to get back up and eats a knee in the clinch from Straus against the cage, but Pitbull is able to roll off the cage and is able to get positioning. Straus is able to exchange with Pitbull against the cage. Straus lands a body kick and both fighters again exchange. Straus lands a right hook to Pitbull’s left side as he’s starting to not be able to see punches coming from the left side. Pitbull gets a take down and is hitting elbows to the ribs of Pitbull. Pitbull gets Straus’ back and flattens him out and scores the rear naked choke.
Winner: Patricio Pitbull (4th RD 4:49 via Submission Rear Naked Choke)
Pitbull Quote: “I knew he’d come out striking, he’s a former world champion and one of the best strikers on the planet. I stuck to my game plan and showed why I’m the champion.  AND STILL”

Prelim Results (Live on, Jan. 16, 2014)
Chris Herrera (2-1) Def Luc Bondole (4-0-1) : Chris Herrera won via 2nd RD KO 3:21
Albert Morales (Pro Debut) Def Fabian Gonzalez (2-0) : Albert Morales won via 2nd RD RNC 3:12
Derek Anderson (11-1) Def Danny Navarro (12-4) : Derek Anderson won via 3rd RD TKO 3:51
Steve Kozola (4-0) Def Jonathan Rivera (4-0) : Steve Kozola won via 2nd RD RNC 1:55
John Salter (10-3) Def Dustin Jacoby (10-4) : John Salter won via 2nd RD RNC 3:33