Official Bellator 132: Pitbull vs Straus Weigh In’s

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Official Bellator 132 Weigh In’s
Temecula, CA – Bellator 132 Pitbull vs Straus comes to you live on Spike TV Jan. 16th at Pechanga Resort and Casino. It was an intense day at weigh ins when Pitbull and Straus squared off for the anticipation of the big fight to start the year off for Bellator.

Main Card Weigh In Results (Fights to air on Spike TV)

Marius Zaromskis (20-8) vs Fernando Gonzalez (22-13)
Marius Zaromskis: 169.4 lbs
Quote from Marius Zaromskis about being back: “Been a long time and looking forward to fighting tomorrow.”
Fernando Gonzalez: 171.3
(*weighed in over, but they placed up a tarp and he made weight at 171 even. )
Quote from Fernando Gonzalez about fighting Zaromskis: “A pleasure and honor to fight Zarmomskis.”


Houston Alexander (16-10-1) vs Virgil Zwicker (12-4-1)
Houston Alexander: 203.4 lbs
Quote from Houston Alexander about his fight with Zwicker: “Very exciting fight, do not turn the channel period.!”
Virgil Zwicker: 206 lbs
Quote from Virgil Zwicker about fight with Alexander: “All eyes on me, game time!”


Georgi Karakhanyan (23-4-1) vs Bubba Jenkins (8-1)
Georgi Karakhanyan: 145.8 lbs
Quote from Georgi Karakhanyan about being back: “I have grown as a fighter.”
Bubba Jenkins: 145.9 lbs
Quote from Bubba Jenkins about fight with Karakhanyan: “People know i’m suppose to be a champion and this is the first step.”


Daniel Straus (22-5) vs Patricio Pitbull (22-2)
Daniel Straus: 143.4 lbs
Quote from Daniel Straus about his fight with Pitbull: “I already got him beat!”
Patricio Pitbull: 144.3 lbs
Quote from Patricio Pitbull about his fight with Straus: “I’m going to raise the level of this sports and no one is going to beat me. Tomorrow night straus you’ll see.”


Preliminary Fights on
Chris Herrera (2-1) vs Luc Bondole (4-0-1)
Chris Herrera : 184 lbs
Luc Bondole: 185 lbs
Fabian Gonzalez (2-0) vs Albert Morales (0-0)
Fabian Gonzalez: 134.5 lbs
Albert Morales (Pro Debut): 134.6 lbs
Derek Anderson (11-1) vs Danny Navarro (12-4)
*Derek Anderson: (missed weight, has 2 hours to make it)
Danny Navarro: 155.4 lbs
Jonathan Rivera (4-0) vs Steve Kozola (4-0)
Jonathan Rivera: 155.7 lbs
Steve Kozola: 155.5
Everett Cummings (8-0) vs Jason Glaza (2-1)
Everett Cummings: 232 lbs
Jason Glaza: 237.3 lbs
Dustin Jacoby (10-4) vs John Salter (10-3)
Dustin Jacoby: 185.5 lbs
John Salter: 185.8