Welcome to The DuCross Brothers The Sports Warriors Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez.

The Sports Warriors: You have entered into the world of promoting MMA with the launching of Outlaw MMA in Austin TX, why now?

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez: I have been away from competition in the cage and locally really want set something solid for the new generation of fighter’s here. Since I stepped away from fighting I now have put all my energy into launching fight’s in town, so it’s a new goal and journey for me.

The Sports Warriors: Why Outlaw MMA?

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez: I was actually wanting to revive ” Renegades Extreme Fighting”, the 1st pro mma circuit in Texas. It has so much history with the name, if you’re in the mma game in Tx you’re familiar with the history. Myself, Yves Edwards, Pete Spratt, Phil Cardella and Anthony Macias all passed through REF. I contacted Saul Solis about it but he declined for an incident in his event back in 06 i believe. He pretty much blessed me with the Outlaw mma name and said I could use it since he wasn’t getting back into promoting, so I’m running with it. It’s got a ring to it and we’re in Tx so it makes sense.

The Sports Warriors: What other MMA promotions are in your area? Why will yours stand out?

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez: There’s a quite a few in Tx but as far as Austin, there isn’t any and hasn’t been for about 5 yrs now.

The Sports Warriors: What can the local fans expect from Outlaw MMA?

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez: They can expect a lot solid promotion with integrity, my goal is to grow obviously but I’m realistic to and know we need to stay consistent & not be shady like the previous promotions have in Austin.

The Sports Warriors: Everyone seems to always want to ask now in days with so many promotions starting up is yours just Ammy or will it be both Ammy and Pro?

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez: We will be doing pro/am shows, I want a show for locals to have to fight on & grow in the fight game.

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