Welcome to The Sports Warriors Robert Aldama  

ALDAMA: Thanks guys

The Sports Warriors: Let the Muay Thai fans or the casual combat fans in a little as to what makes you an important person.

 ALDAMA: well… Why am I an important person? Strongly believe that everyone is important but, what might make me stand out just a bit is the following. I have been in the muay thai community here in San Diego for about 12 years now. I am a proud Gym owner and muay thai instructor in south San Diego. I have train under muay thai trainer  Ajarn Sommai Chuennirun, Rungrungchai A.K.A Thunder from Thailand. I have also made my way to Fairtex traning camp in Pattaya, Thailand. I have dedicated most of my young life to muay thai.

The Sports Warriors: You were called out by Angel Durepss, why now after all this years?

ALDAMA: YES, Angel Durepss called me out WWE style it was a bit embarrassing. My brother Karlos Aldama and I were coming back from the locker room. When I just heard my name and to come up to the ring were he issued the challenge for a fight. I accepted the challenge.

The Sports Warriors: Where will Muay Thai fans be able to see this fight?

ALDAMA: the event will take place March 2016 in Rosarito Mexico.

The Sports Warriors: You’ve mentioned that Angel claims that you’ve been ducking him, what could have given him that idea?

ALDAMA : well I have no idea why in the world Durepss got up on the ring to mention that I have been ducking him. I had no plans on fighting. I have been dedicated to my students/Fighters and my business.  I think he wants to make a name for himself or needs attention.

The Sports Warriors: You haven’t fought since 2006, how hard has it been getting back on the grind and training for a fight? Has your gym Intensity MMA & Fitness kept you ready for anything?

ALDAMA: My last fight was in 2006 when I was fighting as an amateur. During the fight I injured my knee. I had to have ACL reconstruction Surgery. Since then I haven’t competed. Getting back in shape is hard…. Specially me aaaah. I have multiple injuries that I have accumulated the last 10 years. People believe that being a coach is easy well let me tell you something. As the coach your body takes all the abuse from the preparation for your fighters.  I have a great team here and intensity mma. My brother Karlos Aldama and my friend Eddie Loko Roa are going to be helping me in the preparation for this fight. Both of the individuals as well mauy thai instructors and professional fighters are second to none. I believe in my team. I just need to stay injury free. As long I stay focus and motivated this camp will be successful.  Knocking him out his not my inspiration. My baby Girl Alani Mimosa Aldama 3 year old muay thai chick. I will not allow my baby to see me get my ass kick, hurt and humiliated. I want my baby to be proud and happy when she sees me inside the ring. But I do plan on taking him out aaaaah l.

The Sports Warriors: Will this be your last and only fight or do you plan to return to the Muay Thai arena a little more often?

Aldama : well I am 28 years old and the day of my fight I will be 29. I’m a dinosaur. It’s unusual to see people start a professional Muay thai career at 29. But I don’t know… We will see how this fight goes. It is always in God’s hands what I do of my life.