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By Patrick Courtois

No matter the hype surrounding Connor “notorious” McGregor (4-0 UFC), there still exists a process that must be gone through. Even Dana White realizes the expediency of said process, especially when courting and grooming a seeming superstar. To that point, speculation abounds to this day, concerning “Roudy” Ronda Rousey (10-0 UFC) and whether she’s been coddled or protected from a monster bout with Cyborg. Whether her competition has been of the caliber necessary to give her a challenge.

The simple answer is this. She has already gone through the top echelon of her division and demolished them all. Is there really anyone to offer a viable threat to her domination? Is Cat Zingano the hope? Time will tell but if history teaches us anything, it is that the slaughter fest RRR handed out with such relative ease and consistency since joining the UFC, will more than likely continue for the foreseeable future.

Herein lies the similarity with our esteemed colleague, Connor “notorious” McGregor who possesses an impressive overall (16-2, MMA, 4-0 UFC) record. The former CWFC Feather and Lightweight champ has exploded with a lightning quick 4-0 stat, since joining the UFC. What impressed most was the manner of his finishes. Three of his four UFC bouts were won by TKO. His first against Marcus Brimmage—UFC on FUEL TV9– was won in the first round, clocking in at just over 60 seconds! His third and fourth bouts against Cole Miller—UFC Fight Night 46– and Dustin Poirier—UFC 178—were both won in the first round!

Luck of the Irish? We think not! The man has monstrous skill and is just starting to capitalize. Throw in that he is his very own effusive and very effective self-promoting machine, loves fine threads where attire is concerned and you have the bona-fide beginnings of a mega-star in a sport where few exist.

Is the UFC intent on milking as much out of McGregor as possible by giving him fights he could not possibly lose, thereby building his brand and star power? Or is it just that his skill set is so much more advanced that it renders his competition useless in his wake? Would the UFC opt for pushing him to the head of the line to cash in on a potentially massive box office?

We’ve seen the box office numbers McGregor’s star has been able to achieve both stateside and in Ireland. They equal one word, “Incredible”!

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