Lobov x Khan for BRAVE CF event

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Mohammed Shahid interested in negotiating Lobov x Khan for BRAVE CF event

BRAVE Combat Federation president Mohammed Shahid will look to put together a fight between Artem Lobov and Amir Khan. The duo has gone back and forth in the past through social media, and Lobov’s coach John Kavanagh has recently called on BRAVE CF to make the fight happen in their landmark event in November, which has sparked worldwide interest in social media.

Shahid has heard the outcry of the fans for the fight to take place inside the BRAVE CF Arena and will look to start negotiations during BRAVE 24: London, a historic, invite-only event which takes place on July 25th, at the Copper Box Arena.

“I love how you have these two great fighters in their peak are still looking for a challenge. I will definitely look into it, and I want to make it happen for our fans, for BRAVE Nation. I’m looking forward to an amazing night for mixed martial arts on July 25th and will sit down with Artem to talk about it. Unfortunately, Amir Khan will not be able to attend. We just talked and he has urgent matters to attend to on that date, but we’ll be back on that front soon”.

BRAVE Combat Federation is the fastest-growing MMA promotion in the world and has established its vision for the true globalization of the sport by holding shows in 15 different countries so far. England will be added to that list on July 25th, when BRAVE CF will host the highest level of businessmen, politicians, influencers, and celebrities to connect them to world-class mixed martial arts.