Muay Thai

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pechanga Grand Ballroom

Temecula, CALion Fight 21 came to Pechanga Resort & Casino headlined with a world title fight for the Super lightweight championship on line Ross vs Yamato and the Co Main Event featured a returning Tiffany Van Soest. This card had it all from dramatics to finishes. On the main card it featured 4 finishes and exciting fights with 2 standouts on the card Nick Chasteen and Victor Saravia.

Tony Fausto @badaling (Pacific Training Center) Record: 0-0 vs Nick Chasteen @NickChasteen (Best Muay Thai) Record: 3-1

Round 1: Fausto comes out as more of the aggressor to start , Chasteen is doing a good job with landing low leg kicks and avoiding the punches from Fausto. Fausto starting to find the distance as he uncorked a combo that Chasteen is able to follow up with. Chasteen backs Fausto to the ropes where is able to uncork a combo of his own as it staggers him back to the ropes on the other side of the ring as Chasteen tried his best to end the fight. Chasteen with another clean left right combo.

Round 1: Chasteen

Round 2: Fausto comes out and hits a left to the body . Chasteen hits another one of his left right combos that pushes Fausto to the corner. Chasteen hits a low inside left kick. Chasteen just putting it all together this round as he unleashes another combo left right that is followed with a upper cut that connects Chasteen connects with a left hook and a mouse is starting to develop over Fausto’s left eye. Chasteen lands a solid leg kick to Fausto’s left leg that Fausto just eats as he smiles back at Chasteen.

Round 2: Chasteen

Round 3: Fausto comes out aggressive and landing a hard upper cut. Fausto catches a kick from Chasteen, but Chasteen still lands a side kick. Chasteen hits a leg kick to Fausto’s left leg on the outside and then lands a inside leg kick to the inside of the same leg. Chasteen hits a right and a left to the body then connects with a upper cut. Chasteen with a crisp 1-2 combo followed with another leg kick to the left of Fausto’s as its turning red.

Round 4: Chasteen continuing to push the fight again this round as he was landing combo after combo. The end came with the corner of Fausto throws in the towel after Chasteen unleashed deadly leg kicks and then the 1-2 combo followed with a upper cut.

Winner: Nick Chasteen (via TKO strikes, 2:19 4th RD)


Jose Lopez (Undisputed) Record: 5-3 vs Josh Shepard (One Kick Gym) Record: 3-1

Round 1: Lopez comes out pushing the fight, but eats a right from Shepard. Both fighters enter the clinch and throw knees in close. Shepard drops Lopez with a knee to the liver that sends Lopez to the matt to end the fight as the ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Josh Shepard (Via KO knee to the liver, 1:33 1st RD)


Sam Poulton (Chaisai Muay Thai) Record: 2-1 vs Victor Saravia @Saravia_42 (Muay Thai American Gym) Record: 2-0

Round 1: Saravia comes out and hits a left hook and a low right leg kick. Poulton eats a left from Saravia. Saravia with another left hook to the body and faints with the right jab, then follows it up with another left hook to the body. Saravia catches a kick from Poulton and lands a straight right that sends Poulton to the canvas.

Round 1: Saravia

Round 2: Poulton comes out and hit 2 leg kicks to Saravia’s leg kick. Poulton connects with a elbow the cuts Saravia and then lands a left, then another elbow. Saravia lands a leg kick to the left leg of Saravia who follows up with a leg kick of his own to the left leg of Poulton. Poulton finding the range with his kicks this round. Saravia doubles up with 2 left hooks.

Round 2: Poulton

Round 3: Both fighters come out and exchange kicks. Saravia lands a solid push kick, but Poulton comes right back at Saravia and lands a hard leg kick. Poulton connects with a short elbow. Saravia lands a jumping knee that rocks Poulton and Saravia just unleashes in the near corner. Poulton comes back and trades with Saravia, but Saravia lands another jumping knee.

Round 3: Saravia

Round 4: Saravia lands not 1 , but 2 head kicks that are partially blocked by Poulton. Poulton continues to try and push forward this round as he’s still landing hard body kicks and a spinning back elbow. Both fighters continue to trade at times in this round.

Round 4: Saravia

Round 5: Both fighters come out like in the 3rd round exchanging kicks. Saravia lands 3 leg kicks to the left leg of Poulton that hurts him. Saravia sees Poulton is hurting and is uncorking leg kick after leg kick to Poulton’s left leg and then hits a spinning back kick to the end. Saravia with 2 hard left hooks to the body.

Round 5: Saravia

Winner: Victor Saravia (Via Unanimous Decision 50-45)


Ben Yelle (Warriors Muay Thai) Record: 23-16 vs Malaipet (Sasiprapa USA) Record: 145-29

Round 1: Malaipet lands a over hand right, but both fighters seem to be feeling each other out this round. Malaipet lands a high head kick and Yelle follows up with a leg kick to the left leg of Malaipet.

Round 1: Malaipet

Round 2: Both fighters this round comes out a little more active. Malaipet sends Yelle down to the mat with a hard leg kick. Malaipet catches a leg kick from Yelle and hits a straight right that again puts Yelle on the mat. Yelle still throwing his leg kicks. Malaipet with right and follows with a leg kick. Yelle and Malaipet exchange leg kicks.

Round 2: Malaipet

Round 3: Malaipet comes out and hits a inside leg kick to the left leg of Yelle and then lands a left hook. Yelle is still pushing forward and landing his own leg kicks. Malaipet puts Yelle down with a leg kick and another one.

Round 3: Malaipet

Round 4: Malaipet hits a nice body kick, but Yelle follows ack with a right. Malaipet continues to target the left knee of Yelle’s and he continues to hit the inside and outside of the leg.

Round 4: Malaipet

Round 5: Yelle hits a right and then a left leg kick which pushes Malaipet up against the ropes as he uncorks a combo 1-2 to Malaipet. Yelle with a high head kick that was partially blocked. Yelle sends Malaipet to the mat with a sweeping leg kick of his own. Malaipet at the end hits a hard inside leg kick to Yelle than almost sends him down to the mat.

Round 5: Yelle

Winner: Malaipet (Unanimous Decision 50-46, 49-46)


Chajmaa Bellekhal (Hemmers Gym) Record: 44-10 vs Tiffany Van Soest @TiffTimeBomb (Blue Ocean Muay Thai) Record: 10-2

Round 1: Van Soest comes out a little more of the aggressor and throws a high head kick that is partially blocked. Van Soest with a leg kick and Bellekhal follows up with a counter leg kick of her own. Van Soest hits a spinning back kick and connects with a elbow.

Round 1: Van Soest

Round 2: Van Soest hits a jumping left hook and then sends Bellekhal down with a leg kick. Van Soest lands a high head kick that was blocked, but Van Soest comes back with a jumping right. Van Soest lands a solid left body kick and then few seconds later follows up with a right. Bellekhal lands a push kick at a flying Van Soest.

Round 2: Van Soest

Round 3: Van Soest connects with a solid body kick to the left side. Van Soest hits 2 spinning back elbows ad then follows up with a leg kick to the right leg. Van Soest just missed a uppercut, but then sends Bellekhal to the mat with another leg kick.

Round 3: Van Soest

Round 4: Van Soest connects with a left hook. Bellekhal walks right into a left and a right from Van Soest. Bellekhal eats a left from Van Soest and then a high head kick from Van Soest. Van Soest just continues to control the find and where it takes place as she lands yet another solid kick.

Round 4: Van Soest

Round 5: Van Soest comes out with aggression as she nearly takes out the leg of Bellekhal and then is able to do it a few secs later sending her to the mat. Van Soest with a spinning back elbow. Bellekhal just is eating elbows left and right from Van Soest in the near side.

Round 5: Van Soest

Winner: Tiffany Van Soest (Unanimous Decision, 50-45)

“I threw everything, including the kitchen sink.” – Tiffany Van Soest

May 22nd in Vegas, Tiffany Van Soest gets another chance to reclaim what she says is her belt.


Tetsuya Yamato @tetsuya_yamato (Yamato Gym) Record: 33-11-1 vs Kevin Ross @dasoulassassin (Combat Sports Academy ) 31-8

Round 1: Yamato comes out throwing leg kicks testing the water as Ross just checks them. Ross is able to catch a leg kick from Yamato and scores with a leg kick of his own. Yamato going to work on Ross’ left leg despite Ross’ attempt to check the kicks. Ross with a high body kick. Yamato with a upper cut to the body of Ross. Yamato hits a high head kick that staggers Ross, then follows up with vicious elbows as the ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Tetsuya Yamato (via TKO strikes, 2:43 1st RD) New Super lightweight Champion

Prelims Results:

Mikey Shaw Def Alfredo FigueroaVia Split Decision (29-29, 28-27 and 30-27)

Oleun Underwood Def Hakop Ter PetrosyanVia Split Decision (30-28 Underwood, 29-28 Underwood, and 30-28 Petrosyan)

Spenser Mix Def Brian BrunsVia Unanimous Decision (29-28)

Lance Dixon Def Marquis RossVia 2RD TKO

Raj Patel Def Jamie PheapVia Split Decision (29-28 Pheap, 29-28 Patel, and 29-28 Patel)

Lauren Rojas Def Cassandra CostelloVia Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, and 29-28)