Jose “Shorty” Torres and a lifetime dedicated to martial arts

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Jose “Shorty” Torres and a lifetime dedicated to martial arts


We often hear many different stories about how certain athletes began their journey and paved their way to stardom. And only a handful of them, such as Neymar, Andre Agassi, or Yao Ming are shaped since the early days to achieve success in a certain field; and so is the same with BRAVE Combat Federation’s Jose “Shorty” Torres.

“One of the first memories I have in life is when I was playing fighting with my father and brother in bed”, “Shorty” recalled. “At age 4, I then joined Shotokan karate classes and never stopped since then”.

From his time as a toddler, until he graduated in college, he went through multiple disciplines and got himself experienced in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and pankration, to name a few building a comprehensive background for his future Mixed Martial Arts career.

A turning point for the young Torres was the moment he joined Master Bob Schirmer in his native Illinois, USA. “I joined Combat-Do with head coach Master Bob Schirmer and listened to all of his instructions on what to do and when to fight”.

But Jose Torres didn’t stop there. He made sure he had the best empirical knowledge associated with developing critical and academic thinking, the reason why he picked college graduation that would fit his goals and ambitions: a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Exercise Science.

“Shorty” incorporated all these references into his style, which he believes made him a unique specimen. “As a fighter, I know I’m unique because of my accomplishments and my pressure and counter fighting style. I always want to put on a show and have fun. I don’t fight for myself or the enjoyment of the sport. I do this for other people. To make them happy, inspire and guide and teach them to accomplish their goals”, he ensured.

This mindset was something that Torres brought to his life, in all aspects, especially as a Mixed Martial Artist, without ever forgetting his roots and early days.

“I fight for two reasons”, he shared. “I fight to live life and accomplish all of the goals both my late father and my brother wanted to achieve. I also fight to be a hero and an inspiration. To show people because we have/ had a tough upbringing doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and accomplish your goals. I want to show people if this ‘Shorty’ can do it, so can anyone else”.

With an impressive resume; two world titles at IMMAF amateur world championships and as a two-division champion of Titan FC in the USA regional scene, Shorty Torres expects to emulate the same success in the international level, at BRAVE Combat Federation.

“I want to be a double champ again for the third time”, he revealed. “I did it twice in my career, once as an amateur and then right after becoming a pro athlete. Now I’m going for a ‘three-peat’, and I want to accomplish it as soon as possible”, the said.

The reason behind such an ambitious goal is clear: to share with others what he was able to achieve.

“I want to be remembered for helping and inspiring as many people as I could”, Torres noted as his wanted legacy. “I want to accomplish these goals as fast as possible so that I may build a resume and save enough money to open my own gym, expand my foundation “Team Shorty Foundation” and help many people not just in my community, but all around the world, so they can accomplish their goals too, and learn that anyone can do it with the right direction”, he wrapped up.