Lion Fight 23

Pechanga Resort and Casino

June 17, 2015

Main Card Fights

Tony Fausto (Pacific Training Center) vs Marvin Madariaga (Blue Ocean Muay Thai)

Round 1: Madariaga comes out as more of the aggressor and lands a solid inside leg kick to Fausto. Madariaga catches Fauston inside the clinch and nails a knee from inside the clinch. Then Madariaga just unloads on Fausto in the corner that has Fausto out on his feet. The Ref separates the 2 fighters and gives Fausto a standing count, Fauston answers. Madariaga continues to pumple Fausto and then lands a kick to the liver that sends Fausto to the canvas. Ref stoppage.

Winner: Marvin Madariaga (1:21 1st Rd TKO)


Daniel McGowan (Team Tieu London) vs Romie Adanza (Team Oyama)

Round 1: Adanza comes out and hits a combo lead by a right leg kick. McGowan lands a solid push kick. McGowan last a leg sweep that sends Adanza to the mat. Adanza lands a hard left hook to the body.

Round 1: Daniel McGowan

Round 2: Adanza comes out strong this round as he lands a body head combo. Adanza again attacking the body of McGowan as he lands a left and a right to the body. McGowan scores with a knee to the body. McGowan again scores with a high right head kick that Adanza doesn’t block and staggers him a bit. McGowan is able to use the push kick to his advantage to keep the distance between himself and Adanza.

Round 2: Daniel McGowan

Round 3: McGowan continues to use the push kick as a jab and then follows up with a short elbow. Adanza is able to catch a kick from McGowan, but wasn’t able to score the knock down from a leg sweep attempt. McGowan hits a solid left body kick and Adanza answers with a left elbow that sent McGowan to the mat. Ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Romie Adanza (2:19 3rd RD TKO)


Andrew Kapel (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy) vs Mike Lemaire (Art of Eight)

Round 1: Lemaire comes out scoring with some leg kicks and Kapel responds with a couple of his own. Lemaire scores a short elbow inside the clinch. Kapel connects with a high head kick that Lemaire shakes off. Lemaire hits a strong push kick and scores a spinning back elbow. Kapel scores a takedown.

Round 1: Mike Lemaire

Round 2: Kapel is able to get into the clinch and get a takedown on Lemaire. Lemaire connects with a knee and a elbow from the clinch. Kapel is scores with a throw of Lemaire to the mat over and over again this right. Lemaire walks in with a straight elbow that cuts Kapel and pushes forward, lands a front kick to the face. Kapel walks right into a straight right elbow from Lemaire.

Round 2: Mike Lemaire

Round 3: Kapel hits a left body kick. Kapel scores with another throw down on Lemaire. Kapel cuts Lemaire open over his right eye with a short straight elbow that made it through Lemaire’s guard. Kapel continues to push this round and is winning inside the clinches and Kapel scores another throw down. Kapel scores with a leg sweep that sends Lemaire to the mat.

Round 3: Andrew Kapel

Round 4: Lemaire starts of the round letting his hands go a little more and throws a straight elbow that connects to Kapel. Kapel once again throws down Lemaire. Lemaire connects with a right hand that rocks Kapel. Lemiare hits a left hook and Kapel scores the late throw.

Round 4: Mike Lemaire

Round 5: Kapel again with another throw down of Lemaire and finally Lemaire lands a throw of his own. Lemaire lands a knee inside the clinch. Lemaire hits a clean right elbow. Lemaire with another throw down of Kapel and then unloads on Kapel up against the ropes and Kapel staggers falls to the mat. Ref awards Kapel a standing 10 count and Ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Mike Lemaire (5th Rd KO)


Stan Mancebo (Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts) vs Victor Saravia (Muay Thai America)

Round 1: Saravia hits a right body kick that was partially blocked by Mancebo. Mancebo scores with a straight right elbow and Saravia lands a left elbow and a dump. Saravia scores a dump. Saravia clinches in the corner and unloads on Mancebo, then scores a dump on Mancebo.

Round 1: Victor Saravia

Round 2: Both fighters come out and exchange kicks. Saravia lands a solid right cross that sent Mancebo to the ropes and then Mancebo follows with a solid body kick to the ribs of Saravia. Mancebo connects with a right leg kick that bends the knee of Saravia a little bit.

Round 2: Stan Mancebo

Round 3: Mancebo scores with a left elbow while in the clinch with Saravia and then he attempts a dump that is defended off by Saravia. Saravia lands a straight right. Saravia and Mancebo both land kicks and then Saravia was able to score with a leg sweep that sent Mancebo to the mat. Saravia with a right to the mid section of Mancebo. Mancebo and Saravia exchange. Saravia connects with a right uppercut that sends Mancebo to the mat.

Winner: Victor Saravia (3rd RD TKO)


Rungrat Sasiprapa (Team Sasiprapa) vs Kevin Ross (Combat Sports Academy)

Round 1: Ross comes out and hits a straight right that Sasiprapa doesn’t block and then scores with a leg sweep. Sasiprapa throws a left leg kick to the body that is blocked and countered by Ross with a left. Sasiprapa attempts a flying kick and eats a left from Ross. Ross with a left hook followed with a right. Ross lands a right and then a left to the body. Ross catches Sasiprapa kick to the body and throws a straight right to the body.

Round 1: Kevin Ross

Round 2: Ross catches Sasiprapa and engages in the clinch with a couple knees. Ross connects with short right elbow. Ross is able to check another kick from Sasiprapa. Sasiprapa lands a elbow and then connects with a knee in the clinch that sends Ross to the mat, Ross is able to get back up and eats a flying knee from Sasiprapa that drops him back to the mat. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: Rungrat Sasiprapa (2:13 2nd RD TKO)


Martyna Krol (Team Sasiprapa) vs Tiffany Van Soest (Blue Ocean Muay Thai)

Round 1: Van Soest comes out the aggressor of the two and lands a solid leg kick. Van Soest lands a push kick and then a right to the mid section of Krol. Van Soest lands another inside leg kick to the right leg of Krol. Van Soest rushes forward and gets Krol against the ropes and puts together a good combo of punches. Krol just misses a spinning back fist.

Round 1: Tiffany Van Soest

Round 2: Van Soest throws a high head kick that was partially blocked by Krol. Van Soest leg kicks are starting to leave a mark on Krol’s left leg. Krol attempting to put something together this round as she lands an overhand right. Van Soest is controlling the fight thus far as not much is coming from Krol. Van Soest with a right hand that staggers Krol against the ropes and follows it back up with another right.

Round 2: Tiffany Van Soest

Round 3: Krol comes out this round as she is throwing a few more leg kicks this round, but are blocked by Van Soest. Krol and Van Soest engage in the clinch as both fighters are connecting with knees to each others thighs. Van Soest lands a right uppercut and follows it up with a leg kick to the body. Van Soest pressing the fight now as she backs Krol against the ropes and uncorks a couple left’s and right’s. Krol attempts a spinning back elbow that is blocked by Van Soest. Van Soest ends the round with a flurry that sees her land a spinning back elbow.

Round 3: Tiffany Van Soest

Round 4: Krol lands a leg kick to the inner leg of Van Soest, who responds with a leg kick of her own the inner right leg of Krol that sent her down to the mat. Krol starting to not like the leg kicks from Van Soest. Krol blocks a high head kick from Van Soest.

Round 4: Tiffany Van Soest

Round 5: Krol goes for a left leg kick and Van Soest avoids with a counter of her own with a right leg kick to the inner left knee. Van Soest lands a straight right and then Krol just avoids another straight right from Van Soest. Van Soest with back to back right leg kicks. Van Soest catches the right leg kick , then throws a right leg kick to the left inner knee of Krol and then a right.

Round 5: Tiffany Van Soest

Winner: Tiffany Van Soest (50-45, 50-45 and 50-44 judges Tiffany Van Soest via Unanimous Decision)


Liam Harrison (Bad Company) vs Malaipet Sasiprapa (Sasiprapa USA)

Round 1: Malaipet connects with front kick. Harrison lands a solid leg kick to Malaipet and he shakes it off as he taps his leg telling Harrison come on basically. Malaipet with a strong push kick that sends Harrison back. Harrison and Malaipet exchange kicks. Malaipet hits a left leg kick and Harrison follows with a left hook. Malaipet scores a knee to the mid section to Harrison.

Round 1: Malaipet

Round 2: Harrison throws a right leg kick that lands on the outer thigh of Malaipet that is starting to welt up. Malaipet with a hard body kick. Malaipet catches the kick attempt from Harrison and leg sweeps him down to the mat. Harrison throws a left body kick that Malaipet counters with a right leg kick. Again both fights stand there as they each exchange a kick of their own and Harrison scores with a dump.

Round 2: Liam Harrison

Round 3: Malaipet lands a left body kick that was partially blocked by Harrison, who fires back with a combo of his own with a left hook to the body. Harrison with a big dump on Malaipet that send him down to the mat with a left leg sweep and a push. Malaipet connects with a right and Harrison just shakes it off. Harrison fires back with a right leg kick to Malaipet’s left leg.

Round 3: Liam Harrison

Round 4: Harrison land a left hook that Malaipet just eats. Harrison lands a left hook followed with a right hook. Harrison splits open Malaipet with a left straight elbow. Harrison catches Malaipet’s attempted at a leg kick and Harrison dumps Malaipet again. Both fighters are engaged in a war now towards the end of the round as both fighters just left it all out as both exchange heavy hands towards the end of the round.

Round 4: Liam Harrison

Round 5: Malaipet trying to push forward this round and being more of the aggressor. Malaipet catches the leg kick attempt from Harrison and dumps Harrison down to the mat with a leg sweep. Harrison catches Malaipet’s right leg kick attempt and leg sweeps him down to the mat. Harrison with a right followed with a left hook.

Round 5: Liam Harrison

Winner: Liam Harrison (48-47 Harrison 50-46 Malaipet 49-47 Harrison Liam Harrison via Split Decision)
Amateur Fights

Ben Roberts vs Ryan Castillo: Winner: Ben Roberts via Unanimous Decision

Antonio Arango vs Ardavan Moeini: Winner: Ardavan Moeini via Split Decision

Sef Ramos vs Jack Terzian: Winner: Jack Terzian via Split Decision

Fanny Tommasino vs Magalie Alvarez: Winner: Magalie Alvarez via Unanimous Decision

Sean Madden vs Devin Taylor: Winner: Devin Taylor via Unanimous Decision