Invicta FC 15 Results and Play by Play

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Invicta FC 15

Costa Mesa, CA

January 16, 2016


Megan Anderson (4-2) vs Amber Leibrock (1-0)

Round 1: Anderson comes out the aggressor of the two fighters and is peppering Leibrock with the left jab. Leibrock lands a solid right and is countered by Anderson with a right of her own. Both fighters exchange against the cage on the far side. Anderson is controlling the posture against the far side of the cage. Anderson lands another right. Leibrock shows her strength and base as she defended a takedown attempt from Anderson.

Round 1: Anderson

Round 2: Leibrock lands a right to the body and then to the head. Anderson clinches as both fighters go back to the cage. Anderson continues to wear down Leibrock against the cage, however Big John separates the two fighters. Anderson lands two solid knees to the mid-section of Leibrock and follows it up with a straight right. Anderson continues to land combo after combo, then Leibrock shoots in for a takedown attempt that is blocked by Anderson and turned it around to get cage control. Anderson lands a left that rocks Leibrock’s head back.

Round 2: Anderson

Round 3: Anderson comes out again with a full head of steam. Landing shots that pushes Leibrock back to the cage. Anderson scores a leg sweep takedown. Leibrock works off her back at an attempt at a triangle choke, but Anderson is able to keep her hands close to her chest to avoid the attempt which allows her to get back to her feet. Anderson lands a right knee follows it up with a right hand that sends Leibrock to the cage. Anderson pressures and connects with another knee and a right that sends Leibrock to the mat and Anderson lands 2 more punches before Big John stops the fight.

Winner: Megan Anderson (TKO via strikes 3rd round 2:33)



Angela Hill (2-2) vs Alida Gray (4-2)

Round 1: Gray comes out and hit a right and left combo. Hill comes forward and pushes her to the cage. Hill lands a solid overhand right. Gray missed with a lunging right. Hill connects with a right kick to the body and a right that stuns Gray who the tucks. Hill goes to work with knees inside the clinch to the body and then lands combinations that Gray was just trying to protect. Hill gets a clean knee in to the mid-section that sends Gray to the crowd and a stop to the fight.

Winner: Angela Hill (KO via strikes 1st round 1:39)



Lacey Schuckman (11-8) vs Mizuki Inoue (9-4)

Round 1: Schuckman scores a takedown, however Inoue is able to get back to her feet and then scores a takedown of her own. Inoue works to pass Schuckman half guard into side control. Then is able to secure the back of Schuckman and lands heavy shots to the head of Schuckman. Inoue is able to get out of an inverted triangle from Schuckman as she moves to side control. Inoue is able to secure the arm as she attempts at an arm bar that is being defending by Schuckman.

Round 1: Mizuki Inoue

Round 2: Inoue lands a right leg kick that is partially blocked and Schuckman takes Inoue to the near cage. Inoue scores the takedown and lands into side control. Inoue moves to full mount and pressures with ground & pound, then floats over to arm bar position. Then Inoue works to the back of Schuckman and then back over to the arm bar attempt. Inoue controlling the fight as she’s into full mount and connects some more ground & pound.

Round 2: Mizuki Inoue

Round 3: Inoue clinches and pushes the fight to the near side of the cage. Inoue scores another takedown; however Schuckman is able to grab a guillotine attempt, Inoue escapes and back into Schuckman’s half guard. Inoue out of the half guard into full mount. Inoue again attempting for the arm bar and after much fighting from Schuckman she’s able to finally take the arm.

Winner: Mizuki Inoue (via submission arm bar 3rd round 3:41)



Amber Brown (5-1) vs Shino VanHoose (4-3)

Round 1: VanHoose with a takedown. Brown keeps VanHoose at bay with the butterfly guard and is able to secure the guillotine.

Winner: Amber Brown (via submission guillotine 1st round 2:30)


Raquel Pa’aluhi (5-4) vs Colleen Schneider (9-6)

Round 1: Pa’aluhi lands a left leg kick to the inner leg of Schneider. Pa’aluhi clinches and pushes the fight to the far side of the cage. Both fighters separate and back to the center. Pa’aluhi scores a heavy takedown, Scheinder hits a solid up kick. Both fighters back to their fight and clinch. Pa’aluhi pushes the fight back to the cage. Schneider and Pa’aluhi exchange. Pa’aluhi has a cut on the left side of her right eye by her nose. Schneider continues to pepper the lead jab that looks to have busted the nose of Pa’aluhi. Pa’aluhi clinches and takes the fight to the cage and lands a solid knee. Schneider throws a left kick to the body that is blocked by Pa’aluhi who scores the takedown and then the back towards the end of the round.

Round 1: Raquel Pa’aluhi

Round 2: Pa’aluhi starts the round off with another takedown. Both fighters are back to their feet and Pa’aluhi with another takedown. Yet again Schneider is back to her feet after a takedown. Pa’aluhi working hard for the takedown, Schneider is able to separate and get back to the center of the cage. Schneider with a solid uppercut and it’s absorb by Pa’aluhi who shoots in for another takedown attempt that is blocked by Schneider. Schnieder with a hard leg kick towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Colleen Schneider

Round 3: Schnieder lands a right hand to the left eye of Pa’aluhi that connects right on hematoma that has developed and Pa’aluhi scores the takedown. Both fighters back to their feet and Pa’aluhi clinches as she pushes Schneider to the far side of the cage. Pa’aluhi with another takedown. Schneider is warned by Big John for an elbow to the back. Schneider is able to walk the cage back to her feet. Both fighters separate. Both fighters exchange towards the end of the round.

Round 3: Colleen Schneider

Winner: Colleen Schneider (via Split Decision: 28-29 Pa’aluhi, 29-28 Schneider, 29-28 Schneider)




Livia Renata Souza (8-0) vs DeAnna Bennett (8-0)

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves. Bennett comes out testing the distance by just pawing at Souza. Souza with a nice overhand right that lands. Souza connects with a kick to the liver that drops Bennett to the mat and Souza follows up with ground & pound.

Winner: Livia Renata Souza (via TKO strikes 1st round 1:30) And Still Strawweight Champion




Christiane “Cyborg” Justino (14-1-1) vs Daria Ibragimova (9-1)

Round 1: Ibragimova shoots in right away for a takedown attempt that is stopped by Cyborg and throws a couple punches from inside the clinch as Ibragimova is holding on to Cyborg’s one leg as she’s still attempting at a single leg. Cyborg landing elbows to the side of the head of Ibragimova. Both fighter’s separate and back to the center. Cyborg clinches and lands knees from the muay thai clinch. Ibragimova shoots in for another single leg takedown that is stopped by Cyborg, but is still hooked up in the clinch. Ibragimova lets go after a takedown and back up. Cyborg connects with a left hook that sends Ibragimova crashes to the mat. Cyborg jumps on it with ground & pound, Big John calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Christiane “Cyborg” Justino (via KO strikes 1st round 4:58) And Still Featherweight Champion.



Attendance: 1504 (Sold Out)

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