Inaugural event “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl for it All”

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“Dawg Fight” trilogy
“Chocolate” vs. “Dragon Hulk”
Alphonso Frierson & Mike Trujillo to
Settle score for Miami BYB bragging rights
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Inaugural event “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl for it All”
Apr. 5 in Cheyenne, Wyoming
MIAMI (March 21, 2019) – The electrifying fight that stole the show in the original “Dawg Fight” documentary could very well turn out to be the Fight of the Night on April 5, when Miami-based backyard brawlers Alphonso “Chocolate” Frierson and Mike “Dragon Hulk” Trujillo throw-down for the third time on the “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” pay-per-view show, at Cheyenne Ice & Event Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Frierson’s sensational one-punch, knockout (see video below) of Trujillo in their first fight went viral, however, Trujillo forced Frierson’s retirement in their second encounter, setting the stage for this rubber match for their trilogy, albeit in the first sanctioned showdown between the two middleweights in a sanctioned, professional bare-knuckles brawl.
“BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” Is the inaugural sanctioned-event promoted by BYB Extreme Fighting Series (BYB), bare-knuckles fighting’s most intense combat sports promoter, and presented by title sponsor Pure and Natural (, featuring 10 professional bare-knuckle fights and 2 mixed-martial-arts fights, fighting inside “The Trigon” cage, and available to watch live worldwide on pay-per-view.
“BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL”, ironically, also concludes production of “Dawg Fight 2”, in which iconic backyard brawler Dada 5000 is the subject and star, produced once again by award-winning documentary filmmaker Billy Corben (Rakontur). Dada 5000 will be cage-side serving as a commentator.
As underground back-yard brawl fans are salivating at the prospects of watching the third Frierson-Trujillo fight, both combatants agree about one thing, that their trilogy match has the potential to be Fight of the Night.
Dada 5000 celebrates with “Chocolate”
“It can be the Fight of the Night because we have some history from the first fight when I knocked him out,” said Frierson, who is a comic-book illustrator. “He will always remember that punch. I didn’t really train for our last fight. I had a lot of stuff going on. Nothing (in the past) matters once the bell rings, it’ll just be me and him in the cage. I’ll just go in there to fight. I didn’t predict the first fight and won’t predict this one either, but I did knock him out.”
Mike Trujillo
“I agree that we could be the Fight of the Night because we do have history,” Trujillo added. “We’ve fought twice before in the backyard and this one is going to be good, too. I’m a professional fighter. I’m past the knockout. We fought again and I made him quit. Whether he quits again, or gets knocked out, I’m going to win this fight.”:
Integrated Sports Media will distribute the Apr. 5th “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” throughout North America – in English and Spanish – on pay-per-view via iN Demand, DIRECTV, Dish and Vubiquity in the United States, as well as via Bell TV, Shaw, Rogers and SaskTel in Canada, on cable, satellite and digital pay-per-view. It will also be live-streamed worldwide on the FITE.TV app and website. The action starts at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT, all, for a suggested retail price of $24.95.
The first two bare-knuckles fights will be streamed live for FREE on FITE.TV and Facebook Live, starting at 9 p.m. et / 6 p.m. PT, leading into the BYB PPV card.
The grandson of legendary world heavyweight boxing champion Jack “The Manassa Mauler” Dempsey, Miami-based knockout artist Joshua “Dempsey” Gormley, will headline “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl For It ALL” against veteran Illinois MMA fighter Bobby “Zombie” Brents (17-7), a former Shamrock FC champion.
Canadian kickboxer Jake “The Good” Young and Nebraska MMA veteran Matt “MFD” Delanoit in a classic clash of contrasting fight styles in the co-featured event.
In a grudge match between rival from bordering states, Wyoming favorite and BKB champion Billy “The Kid” Martin takes on Colorado striker Leo Pla.
Idaho heavyweight Jamelle “The Best” Jones, a two-time national collegiate wrestling champion, faces five-time pro MMA champion and multiple Tough Man Contest winner, Matt “The Attack” Kovacs, of Washington, In the MMA main event.
A special female bantamweight bare-knuckles fight finds Washington state’s MMA fighter Christine “Knuckles” Stanley going against North Carolina boxer Latoya “Lionheart” Burton,who did two tours of Iraq as a member of the U.S. Air Force.  
Other bare-knuckles fights on the Apr. 5th card include hometown favorite Isaac “Flexx” James vs. Memphis heavyweight Carlton “C Mayja” Little; Atlanta cruiserweight Robert “Real Business” Brown, Jr. vs. Lorenzo “The Juggernaut” Hunt, of Jacksonville, FL; Michigan bantamweight Brian “Stone Handz” Jackson vs. Dominican John Michael “JoMi” Escoboa, who fights out of Coconut Creek, FL; Georgia flyweight and three-time U.S. Army boxing champion, Albert “Speedy” Martinez, vs. Virgin Island native Kory “Ballistic” Vialet, now living in Texas; and Canadian featherweight Desmond Johnson vs. International Muay Thai champion Robert “Billy Bad Ass” Fletcher, of Park City, Minnesota. (The latter two fights listed here will be on the free BYB Preview Show.)
The card also features a fight of MMA heavyweights, Fort Lauderdale’s (FL) Jermayne “Redman” Barnes versus Detroit’s Lamar “The Abomination” Cannady-Foster.
All fights and fighters are subject to change.
Tickets are on sale, ranging between $150.00 and $25.00, and may be purchased by going here: Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Facebook: /BYBExtremeFightingSeries
Twitter & Instagram: @bybexteme
You Tube: BYB Extreme

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