IE Fight Night Youth Results

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I.E. Fight Night Youth: Melee (USFL Pankration)


4.20.2019, Saturday

I.E. Fight Night promotions puts on youth pankration fights before the adult portion of mixed martial arts. The promoters David Bramlette and Lorenz Larkin put together 21 fights that started in the afternoon but, before we get into some stand outs USFL Jon Frank handed out championship rings to Kris Arrey (Riverside Submission), Regina Awana (Riverside Submission) also the announcement was made that USFL will be putting together a youth team to represent the united states in Italy come august. While we continue to cover the growth of the youth pankration the USFL are making unique straids as they had student researchers from the Kravis Leadership institute of Clermont Mckenna college where they spoke to the kids, coaches and parents as part of the development program for redefining a “Champion” program that brings what we are calling the 3 R’s ( Respect, Responsibility, Resilience), in order to qualify for the champion program you must be 13 years or older, meet certain character traits, 10+ USFL events, never get penalized or else you get disqualified (Then you have to restart) follow the 3 R’s then you can get your Champion Ring.

Now lets get into some of the performances from last nights events that saw not your typical arm submissions that is usually used by most teams but this night started off strong with 3 of the first 5 fights ended in submissions but via a triangle (Seth Priest) and a gogoplata (Yes a gogoplata was used by Alexander Trujillo), also an honorable mention goes out to Riverside submission’s Kris Arrey for the flying armbar, Josh Pardo with the Americana. 3 Champions for crowned #ANDNEW 105 IE Cadet Youth Champ Regina Awana, Alexander Ramirez 80 LB IE School Boy Champ and Rakta Garvey got the 155 Junior USFL West title.


Gavin Mitchell vs Hayk Amirkhanyan: Winner: Gavin Mitchell (One Legacy) 2nd RD Arm Bar

Josh Valdez vs Joe-Xahn Rapoza: Winner: Josh Valdez (NOCMA) Unanimous Decision

Carlos Ochoa vs Seth Priest:  Winner: Seth Priest (NOCMA) 1st RD Triangle

Santana Castillo vs Anthony Verdumyan: Winner: Anthony Vardumyan (KD MMA) Unanimous Decision

Elijah Delatorre vs Alexander Trujillo:  Winner: Alexander Trujillo (10th Planet) 2nd Rd GOGOPLATA

Abel Reyes vs Rey Morales: Winner: Abel Reyes (Elite MMA) Unanimous Decision

Abagail Alvarez vs Litzy Ramirez:  Winner: Abagail Alvarez (One Legacy) Unanimous Decision

Kimya Williams vs Analyse Rubio: Winner: Kimya Williams (RISK MMA) Unanimous Decision

Richard Campbell vs Andres Ramirez: Winner: Richard Campbell (Kihon MMA) 1st RD Arm Bar

Edgar Amirkhanyan vs Delton Kaufman:  Winner: Delton Kaufman (Power MMA) 1st RD Rear Naked Choke

Justin Cole vs Josh Pardo: Winner: Josh Pardo (Riverside Sub) 2nd Americana

Gabriel Reyes vs Jeremy Dray:  Winner: Jeremy Dray (Riverside Sub) via 8 pt deduction from Reyes

Omar Rodriguez vs Zachary Williams:  Winner: Omar Rodriguez (One Legacy) 2nd Arm Bar

Josh Valdez vs Sergio Porras:  Winner: Sergio Porras (One Legacy) Unanimous Decision

Gabriel Fernandez vs Termaine Givens: Winner: Termaine Givens (Riverside Sub) 1st Sub Triangle

Brian Gonzalez: vs Kris Arrey: Winner: Kris Arrey (Riverside Sub) 1st Flying arm bar

Jaun Andres Ramirez vs Jeremy Valdez: Winner: Jeremy Valdez (NOCMA) 2nd Kimura

Valarie Estrada vs Regina Awana: Winner: Regina Awana (Riverside Sub) 1st Arm Bar #ANDNEW 105 IE Cadet Champion

Alexander Ramirez vs Loren Skannal: Winner: Alexander Ramirez (Pinnacle MMA) Unanimous Decision #ANDNEW 80LB IE School Boy Champ

Christian Teran vs Rasik Garvey: Winner: Christian Teran (Strength and Honor) 3rd Kimura

Luis Panuco vs Rakta Garvey: Winner: Rakta Garvey (Grapplers studio) 1st Arm Bar #ANDNEW 155 Junior Boys USFL West Champ


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