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I.E Fight Night: Melee


Saturday, 4.20.2019

On a night that had the CEPAC Arena buzzing was the most anticipated match up between Fight Club 29 Xavier Vines vs Millennia MMA Christopher Hernandez for the IE Fight Night 145 LB championship on the main event which didn’t disappoint. Xavier Vines came out with exactly what we all thought he was going to do is use his incredible muay thai skills against Hernandez which put Hernandez back first against the cage it was touch and go for a minute when Vines had Hernandez in a muay thai clinch landing knees struck Hernandez in the groin area  but after the smoke Hernandez did what he does best came back to get the finish with a 1st rd arm bar #ANDSTILL IE FIGHT NIGHT 145LB Champ.

Millennia MMA went 6-0 on a night full of action from the first fight to the 14th fight of the night. Millennia MMA walked out of the CEPAC Arena claiming multiple titles, adding to their collection with Alex Cruz and Dillon Menrad bringing the 170 and 205 home. We also saw an incredible woman fighter debut in a while where Yvania Foley vs Ashley Fernandez came to throw down in the first round that saw on a few occasions that this fight was going to be a short one standing but, it ended up on the ground where Yvania is comfortable this is where the fight would end via Rear Naked Choke claiming her first victory in her debut.

The fastest KO in probably Amateur fighting history happened at IE Fight Night Melee if you blinked or sneezed then you missed this fight between Brandon Nash vs Jaime Jimenez because it was over in 5 seconds! Jaime Jimenez with a left to the chain of Nash was all it took to end this fight in dramatic fashion.

Honorable mentions:

Joey Beatriz vs Anthony Taufi (Winner: Joey Beatriz)

Miko Flores vs Brandon Dwyer (Winner: Brandon Dwyer)

Antonio Marzan vs Andrew Lopez (Winner: Andrew Lopez)



Manuel vs Bryce Novoa: Winner: Manuel via Unanimous Decision

Daniel Garcia vs Roderick Antery: Winner: Garcia 1st RD Guillotine Choke

Kaliq Hatcher vs Jason Allen: Winner: Hatcher: 2 judges 29-28

Joey Beatriz vs Anthony Taufi: Winner: Beatriz via Unanimous Decision

Carl Argueta vs Ismael Moyers: Winner: Moyers via unanimous Decision

Joshua Dell vs Aaron Garcia: Winner: Garcia via Unanimous Decision

Brandon Nash vs Jaime Jimenez: Winner: Jaime Jimenez 5 second KO

Antonio Marazan vs Andrew Lopez: Winner: Lopez 1st rd RNC

Dillon Menrad vs Juber Andino: Winner: Menrad #ANDNEW IE Fight Night Light Heavyweight Champ

Mike Flores vs Brandon Dwyer: Winner: Dwyer 3rd via RNC

Jared Valdez vs Christian Zahler: Winner: Zahler via DR STOPPAGE, Valdez unable to continue

Yvania Foley vs Ashley Fernandez: Winner: Foley 1st RD via RNC

Zev Powell vs Alex Cruz: Winner: Alex Cruz via TKO #ANDNEW IE FIGHTNIGHT WELTERWEIGHT CHAMP

Xavier Vines vs Christopher Hernandez 1st RD Via Arm Bar #ANDSTILL IE FIGHTNIGHT FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMP!


Next fight card is 7/20/2019 CONFLICT! Get at David Bramlette or Lorenz Larkin to get on this card. It will fill up quickly.




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